Micropolis 1015F drive connected to PC

Hi everyone! Good afternoon!

I have cleaned an old Micropolis 1015F drive that it’s part of my Monroe OC8820 (previous post here)
Seems that it works fine, it tries to read the floppy, moves the rw head and the floppy. I have found that it has the same pinout than the common 5/4 floppy drives.

anyone has tried to connect this kind of drives to a PC? I have a pentium 4 with diskette port and bios support for floppy drives of 360K, I want to try to generate a floppy with CP/M to check if the Monroe computer boots.

Manual of the floppy drive:

Some pictures:


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I guess, if you manage to hook up the drive hardware-wise, you’ll have to resort to some kind of low-level disk utility in order to access it in a compatible way.

Compare this video (by CuriousMarc, AKA Marc Verdiell):