Lesser know Apple II clone - Microprofessor MPF-III


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Here’s an advert (from the linked page):

With the disk, video, and even CP/M cards inside the box, having no internal slots seems like a fair decision: bringing the bus out and allowing for a multi-slot expansion board means the flexibility is retained.

Interesting, I think, that in this case Multitech avoided (or tried to avoid) legal trouble by writing their own ROMs, and in a later incarnation as ACER they similarly needed to avoid trouble in the PC clone market. And they also had a suit with Hayes about modem licensing.

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The Micro Professor MPF-1 - a simple Z80 trainer - is supposedly still available for an eye-watering amount of money from Flite Electronics in the UK.

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There was also the Microprofessor II which was mostly Apple II compatible. It always ran in hi-res mode and emulated text and lo-res mode in software. And the keyboard connected directly to the address and data bus like in Sinclair machines. To a Basic user it looked liked a slow Apple II.

It was actually cloned in Brazil by Microdigital as the TK2000 but placed in a case that looked exactly like the Atari 1200.