Kaleidoscope for the Cromemco Dazzler revived

I came across a series of blog posts on Kaleidoscope, the legendary demoware for the Cromemco Dazzler that stopped traffic on 5th Ave in NYC. The blog’s author intended it to be a four-part series with the last installment discussing the actual code, but instead, he stopped writing the blog after the first three.

I’m not familiar with 8080 code or the details of the Dazzler, so I asked on the retrocomputing forum on stackoverflow and this resulted in someone making a github repo with the commented assembly code, from which I produced a Swift+SpriteKit variation.



I live near the birthplace of Sir David Brewster.

Who, amongst other things was the inventor of the Kaleidoscope. There is a blue plaque in the town near the place he was born, but I always thought he deserved more prominence in the town.

Also, by an odd curiosity, (possibly by being the 8th generation of my family to leave or be born near here?), I have written several kaleidoscope programs myself - and have a project on my board to write a better one - there’s always a better one out there!


I do love in the second part how they’ve confused “punched tape” for “punched card” :slight_smile: (but did get it right in the first part, so perhaps that was just a “thinko”). I wonder if that puts the author north of the epoch?