John Bayko's list of Great Microprocessors

I keep coming across this document and find it full of interesting details:
Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present.

(First appeared on Usenet, I think, but even this 1992 version is already labelled V3.0.0)

If all that concentration of technical detail is too much, here’s another list, more about humans:
Recent Processor Architects (aka Who are the computer architects?)

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I’ve just been reading through this, bit by bit, over the last week or so.

Bit by bit? Was that an intentional pun? I liked it.


Totally unintentional! Thanks for pointing it out.

There’s a rather good coffee table book by Stan Augarten of that title:

(“Bit by Bit, An Illustrated History of Computers”)

When I worked at Microsoft, Dave Ditzel gave a presentation on the Transmeta Crusoe chip. Blew my mind! Then…nothing happened.