Is there a site about how to "get the most out of" (pimp) as close to ALL older computers as possible?

Hello: How I shall introduce myself::wink:
I’d imagine such a site would b organized around chip OS combinations, /would only go into individual computers occasionally and/or as needed. Surely some1 thought of this b4 me.

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I am not aware of any sites like that. I know that some that are specific to a single machine or type of machine (e.g. 6502 computers) have occasional posts about upgrades. For instance, the Denial site has quite a few posts on upgrades to the VIC 20. But I don’t know of any where upgrading is the theme of the site. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just that I’m not aware of any.

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Welcome, @Thaddeus_Slamp! Likewise, I don’t know of any. I think more people are specialists than are generalists, which is why we see quite a few specialist sites. I think the VCF forum might be a rare case of a forum with a wide brief:

But it’s not primarily about “getting the most out of” as you see from the description. They might have some appropriate threads though, if you search.

I haven’t seen one. Just hundreds of individual videos and such actually doing it. But it sounds like a great idea for a Forum. Then you could search YT and invite those creators.

You can also have tons of fun with the name!