Inferno ports to RISC-V and ARM Cortex-M7 systems

Continuing the discussion from Making Smalltalk On A Raspberry Pi, I found the theses of the students who were working on porting Inferno to RISC-V and Cortex-M7 systems:

Since the code for the RISC-V port is available, and is intended to be used with QEmu, it should be fairly accessible for others to build on: GitHub - kalkins/inferno-os at riscv-jit

Interesting! We have mentioned Inferno before, in passing, but it’s from '95 originally:

Inferno was based on the experience gained with Plan 9 from Bell Labs, and the further research of Bell Labs into operating systems, languages, on-the-fly compilers, graphics, security, networking and portability.

From wikipedia, of course: