In russia FORTH finds you

Looking for ideas for a FPGA/PAL project;
I got looking at trinary computers. Great front PANEL
device led +1 green 0 off -1 red and 3 state switches up +1 0off -1 down.
In English I found this:
Still looking of programming info in English
on the Setun-70

Somewhat related, I found this English description of the various computers at the Polytechnic Museum, which had established a special collection fund “Electronic Digital Computing Machine” as early as in the 1960s. Accordingly, there are over 700 objects in the collection today.

While there isn’t much about the Setun-70, I learned that the Setun has the official status of “Relic of science and technology”.

The Computers’ Collection at the Polytechnic Museum
by Marina Smolevitskaya

More specifically on the Setun-70, I found this citation, which seems to be promising:

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