IBM PC 8088 replaced with (an emulated) Motorola 68000

An interesting experiment, using a Teensy as an in-socket emulator:

For this project I swapped the 8088 emulation code with my MCL68 code which emulates the Motorola 68000. The 8088 local bus emulation was kept so that all of the 68000’s memory reads and writes could pass through to the IBM motherboard.

I chose to use Gordon Brandley’s 68K BASIC which was published in Dr. Dobbs Journal back in 1985

A couple of short videos are linked within.

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It’s an interesting “what if” experiment. Easy to do today but much harder (costly) back in the early 80s for companies to experiment with CPUs.


Well CP/M was out for the 68000. Time for a real OS. :slight_smile: