Hyper Land BBC 1990 vs 2020 internet

After a hard day of retro computing, I got looking on the the net
for Retro Dr Who #4. Tom Baker was in a BBC documentry
" Douglas Adams - Hyperland" . from 1990.

Free hyperlinked Information still has long way to go from what
what was predicted back then on the net.

(Mod note: At the Internet Archive; also on YouTube)


Nice! (“A fantasy documentary”.) About 6min30 it gets into a bit of history of what we might call Hypertext and we get a clip of Vannevar Bush himself too.

Edit: This bit at 17min is nice - sound and music. Robert Abel’s Guernica starts about 24min.

Nice! Also worth pointing out, the famous “As We May Think” Memex article is actually from 1939, it’s just that a war came inbetween the scheduled and the actual publication date.

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Sadly, while Robert Abel’s Guernica Project is a HyperCard application, it’s not found on archive.org. If anyone happens to know a source…

A commenter here suggests it’s a SuperCard stack, not presently supported by the IA.

There’s also a MacWeek article by Steve Rosenthal (1989), The Modern Art of Multimedia: Robert Abel’s Exploration of Picasso’s “Guernica”, which hasn’t been archived, yet. (MacWeek seems to be missing entirely.) – Which just points out how accustomed we have become to finding everything on the Internet. Yet, there’s missing a lot…