HP 9845B teardown video (EEVblog)

Another of the famous teardown videos by Dave Jones (AKA EEVblog on YouTube).
This time it’s the HP 9845B from 1979, and if you have a soft spot for beautiful hardware designs not compromised by cost considerations, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Further reference:

I remember looking in awe at those ads for the HP 9845C showing a thermal simulation of a space shuttle in re-entry:


I have a soft spot for these type-writer-like keyboards. Is there a particular name for their type, in case I want to shop around?

I think, the key caps are called “SA” (slightly rounded, but no negative bevel along the vertical slope of the keyboard). However, these have become somewhat rare. In practice, you have to look for any new production projects and get on the bus in time.
Disclaimer: I am neither a specialist nor an aficionado.

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SA keysets are available from drop.com. Examples:

Drop + MiTo SA Godspeed Custom Keycap Set
DOMIKEY ABS Doubleshot SA Dolch Keycap Set
DOMIKEY ABS Doubleshot SA Semiconductor Keycap Set

There are also some other profiles that are similar to SA:
Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari Custom Keycap Set
Drop MT3 Dasher Keycap Set

Note: you will probably have to sign up with Drop to see these; alternatively, Google will probably be able to serve up reviews & images.

Those are all for Cherry MX or compatible key switches. I would have been interested in these, except that I find buckling spring switches massively preferable :slight_smile:


Thank you! (and @NoLand too!)

That is an impressive looking computer. Shame it doesn’t have a monitor.

The “Godspeed” set is nice!
Something, I have noticed, more and more of the SA sets seem to come for US-layouts only. (Full ISO layout is somewhat complicated and rare.)

Regarding the keycap profile, I think, it’s actually ADA.
Compare: 104 Key ABS ADA Keycap Set - Film Never Dies - Base Set (Tex)