How to track down developers of Uniflex software?

I’ve posted a few times on this forum coding on Uniflex for the Tektronix 4404.

The BSD socket implementation is done by Network Research Corporation but there are no docs.

eg net_ioctl() ? info_open()? I have header files but there are no function declarations…

Is there anyone around who was part of the development of this software?


Since no answers have been seen over 4 days, you should consider posting here:

In general, I’ve found the stack overflow sites to be very judgmental, even hostile, about the kinds of questions that the local grues consider “acceptable” … very unlike this forum. So be prepared for anything. But to me your question seems reasonable and worth a try.

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Thanks for the advice. Have posted on stackoverflow…braced for responses :slight_smile:

[How can I enable Uniflex BSD sockets to be BROADCAST? - Stack Overflow](https://stackoverflow post)

I’ve tracked down who was the CEO of Network Research Consultant: Larry C Lace but not sure whether he’ll respond.

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I see you did already post on the VCFed forums without any results, but I also see another Unixflex post there got some responses, so it might be worth another try. Or maybe there are already useful pointers in that thread.

Good luck with your quest!