Hextrain - realtime 3D strategy game on a Memotech MTX

This seems impossible but is instead impressive, clever and interesting!

It looks 3D but in a sense it’s a Dragon’s Lair pre-rendered forking video stream. Where the video is not only delta-compressed but rendered as executable code.
“This game has animated 3D solid graphics at 192x128, in 15 colours, at 16 frames per second, … which of course is quite impossible”
“If you run the compiler, you’ll see it render all the frames and calculate all the deltas, producing the ht.bin file. This can take 7 minutes, and will produce a file approximately 200MB in size, containing over 300 paths, a similar number of frames, and over 66000 compressed deltas.”
“The MTX code loads the delta from the disk, and then executes it.”

via Martin A on 6502.org:

If you’re sneaky enough, you can get real time, colour 3d graphics out of the 9929 VDP

Another video, about how the machinery works, here:


This is some Deep Magic at work here folks.