Gemini Protocol

Sorta bills itself as something between Gopher and HTML:
Limited nature of Gopher (inline links only,) with some features of markdown (in fact writing pages for it is a VERY stripped down form of markdown.) Protocol has baked in TLS 1.2 minamum as a requirement. ZERO client side scripting.

I happen to like it for being text first, and can run in a terminal. I keep thinking ‘hey maybe this would be good for retro hardware’ and then ‘oh encryption. i’m not sure what client hardware would be able to do that.’
for some reason it shows up light green background with white text.

Wiki page.

I would link to the DistroTube video on the subject, but… to be perfectly honest? As much as i like how informative DT can be. Every so often he says something that makes me want to punch him in the face.

Kinda surprised Bryan Lunduke hasn’t had anything ot say on the matter.

I looked at that at some point and while it has some good ideas, it smelled a little bit too much like “gopher 2.0”.

I mean… you’re not wrong. At the same time I see value there. I wish it had a few other features, but between my poor eyesight, and tendancy towards dated hardware I appreciate it being pretty lightweight.

So … I dunno. It seems to be one of those things where if someone sees value they will enjoy it, but if they don’t there is nothing to be said for getting them ‘on board’ so I’m not trying to sell the concept, just ‘Hey this exists can we discuss?’

I am not forbidding anyone from discussing, go ahead and discuss… just saying that personally it somewhat lessened my interest level. I did use gopher back in the day, but its model was bit … not my favourite.