Found: Source code of Doug Lenat's AM and EURISKO (AI programs)

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Doug Lenat’s sources for AM (and EURISKO+Traveller?) found in public archives
In the 1970s to early 80s, these two AI programs by Douglas Lenat pulled off quite the feat of autonomously making interesting discoveries in conceptual spaces. AM rediscovered mathematical concepts like prime numbers from only first principles of set theory. EURISKO expanded AM’s generality beyond fixed mathematical heuristics, made leaps in the new field of VLSI design, and famously was used to create wild strategies for the Traveller space combat RPG, winning national competitions two years in a row, even across rule changes to stymie it, before semi-voluntarily retiring. His magnum opus Cyc was originally intended to be a knowledge assistant to EURISKO’s discovery engine.

I’d missed that Lenat died recently. Cyc was really ambitious and if I didn’t keep forgetting the name I’d’ve looked it up more often.

Obituary at The Economist (archive here):

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