Found a Chaplet NBA486. What to do?

Hi there,
I found a Chaplet NBA486 and can’t find much information about it. I’m not really into retro computers myself so I thought I would try to ask some experts and registered on this forum. Do you guys have any information about this laptop and if its a collecable computer or if there is a market for it? Of course I would like to try to sell it but have no idea if its trash or a gem in disguise haha. It still boots up and the sounds definitely brought back some good memories of the early days.
I’d really appreciate your guys feedback on this.

Welcome! So, 1991 with German keyboard - presumably the BIOS screen also says something about the machine?

The only way to find out what someone will pay is to get someone to pay, I think, so an auction is usually the best way to get a valuation. You only need one buyer. As always, you might find more help on the VCFed forums.