Forum update and downtime this week

TLDR: downtime this week, and the new version moves the menu button and introduces a sidebar. Also, new themes available.

There’s a pending update for the forum software which I aim to apply either today or tomorrow or possibly Wednesday (late afternoon UK time) - the forum will go read-only, perhaps for as long as an hour or two, and will be unreachable for some time in the middle of that.

I might possibly also migrate to a different cloud provider, something I’ve been meaning to do for a couple of years, which will reduce the hosting cost or improve the performance when I finally get around to it. If not this time, perhaps next.

The new version of the software will, very probably, move the three-lines menu (aka hamburger menu) from the top right corner to the top left corner, and may also offer a collapsible sidebar down the left edge of the screen. You can preview this over on

Also note, we presently have three user-selectable Themes to choose between: they are I think called Light Theme, Light Theme, and Dark Theme. Yes, two have the same name. The difference is that one can choose between the current titles-only presentation of forum topics, or a richer presentation which includes a snippet from the head post and sometimes an image from the head post. It’s a user preference, so try it out and see what you think.


Thank you for all the behind the scenes work you do for us, @EdS !


Thanks for the updates

Thanks everyone for your appreciation and especially for your interesting forum contributions!

Unfortunately I haven’t yet had the clear space late in the afternoon to do the thing - it’s not especially urgent, but I will get around to it, at which point you will see the read-only forum and the window of nothing-here-to-see, followed by the shiny new left-hand menu. (I prefer to do this on a weekday afternoon to get better chance of support if it all goes wrong. Don’t worry, we have backups.)

Edit: I’ve done the update, but no migration. You might need to refresh to get the collapsible sidebar and top left menu gadget. Let me know if anything seems amiss.

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Seems to be working fine for me…



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Here’s a preview of the new theme, for those who haven’t seen it yet. You can preview it here or preview dark mode here.

Compare to the default theme:

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The new UI gets :+1: from me

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Once again, there’s a pending update to the forum software, which I’ll probably apply later this week - probably late afternoon UK time - and I might, once again, migrate to a different provider, just as I said I might six months ago!

So if you find the forum is read-only, or unavailable, please wait at least a couple of hours before panicking. You might need to clear a browser cache or similar, or even purge a DNS cache, if you have trouble. If you want to check if an access problem is local to you, perhaps try browserling as a proxy, just by checking here.


Just to note, I did the update, about 35 mins downtime I think, and once again I punted the migration to a later date… let me know if anything isn’t working, but I don’t think anything major changed.