Forum update - all is well

Hello fellow retronauts. The forum continues in a healthy state, with about 50 active users, and a couple of hundred visits in a week. And 10 likes a day and two new topics each day too. On average! You can help by posting about things that interest you - if there are not enough micros, or not enough about Seymour Cray, you know what to do - start a discussion!

Just one unhappy point of information (but see below): Yahoo’s mail servers (which also serve AOL and Frontier customers) have started bouncing the forum’s update emails. Please, if you don’t want the emails, do unsubscribe, or adjust how often they are sent in your preferences. And if you happen to be affected by Yahoo’s filtering, and have another email address, consider updating your profile accordingly.

Edit to add: mailgun shifted us to a new IP address and delivery to yahoo is working again.

At makerforums, we use mailgun, and we have discovered that mailgun is not proactive in handling bounces affecting a whole domain. When their IPs are poisoned by spammy subscribers, they don’t seem to react and repair, and instead wait for us to notice and file a ticket to move us to a clean IP while they repair the reputation of the poisoned IP.

Thanks - that’s matching up with what’s happening here, which is again mailgun. I’ve opened a ticket…

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