Explaining computers

I was called on to speak for 20 mins or so on the nature of high performance CPUs the other day, in the context of Apple’s latest platform shift, and I opened with a nice diagram from this excellent short work:
How it Works: The Computer (Ladybird books, 1971 edition)

This was the diagram I felt I needed:

The completist might want to compare with the 1979 edition. Of course, I have both!

(Ladybird books were initially aimed at children, but they were never condescending, and this particular one was bulk-bought by large companies to educate management about the new thing - computers. There’s a fascinating documentary about the company - it was highly unusual, in that a printer decided to become a publisher and arrange its own content. The books are short because of paper shortages, and arguably better for it. They have become somewhat collectible.)


Love the split screen style of the front matter! Great cinema… :wink:
Will have a closer look.

Edit: Even at a cursory look, wow, it gets even better inside. What a treasure trove of illustrations!

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Ooh. I believe I must have read a translation of this as a kid, before I knew English.

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They are.

Looks at the 1979 edition. Any clue to what machines were depicted?
I wonder how much memory that "washing machine " was. I guess
about 20 Mb.

Probably 200 MByte in each removable disk pack - that’s the EDS 200 capacity.