Envelop Engine: a forgotten Visual Basic clone

Envelop Engine was a Visual Basic clone for Windows developed by Enveloper Corps in the second half of the 1990s. It was free to use and distribute as the company intended to make money by selling additional components and services. No source code was available though.

I found the product on a CD that came with an Italian computer magazine and tried it on Windows 95. It seemed fairly complete and capable, with a user interface close to Visual Basic’s.

I ended up not using Envelop Engine much and lost track of it. It actually looks like the product vanished as there’s nearly no information online and the domain envelop.com expired. I found only a single, very brief mention in section “From the Editor” on page 4 of the April 1996 issue of Windows Developer’s Journal.

Did you ever use Envelop Engine? Do you know anything more about the product, the company, or what happened to it?

I don’t remember reading anything about Envelope Engine at the time.

I did find mention of it in the description of a book called Programming Windows NT 4 Unleashed which might help you, if you can find a used copy somewhere.

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