(emulated) Symbolics LISP machine experience on video

Kalman Reti offers “a rough introductory demo of the Symbolics Lisp Machine (in Brad Parker’s emulator)” (15 mins):

via TUHS mailing list

This [re-evaluation of pastes of result texts] is basically the model created by Symbolics for Dynamic Windows, which was the basis for CLIM, and which I believe they also adopted in the Symbolics distribution of MACSYMA. Kalman Reti does a great job demonstrating it under OpenGenera here: Symbolics Lisp Machine demo Jan 2013 - YouTube

(Jupyter notebooks are a derivative of Mathematica notebooks, which bear more than a passing resemblance to the Dynamic Windows stuff just like Mathematica bears more than a passing resemblance to McCarthy’s “M-expressions” and the MACSYMA system…)

via DragonFly digest

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