Eelktor Elektuur Junior Computer EC65 Octopus, 6502 in the 80ties

After finishing the large update a month ago of KIM-1/SYM-1/AIM 65 I turned my attention to the Elektuur/Elektor archive, mainly the 6502 period of 1978 to 1985 where the SBC Junior Computer and EC65/Octopus systems were introduced.

New and enhanced in higher quality information about these systems:

  • published in multiple languages and more content of articles and books scanned, not only dutch bnut also English, German, French, some Spanish and Italian.

  • better hardware descriptions and photos of PCBs etc

  • more complete software library, sources of systems ROMS etc.

  • gallery of Juniors, EC65 and other cards and cases

Start here for the Elektor/Elektuur/Junior/EC65/Octopus pages.](


Thank you for archiving all this!

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