EDUC-8 - a DIY 8-bit PDP-8/S in Australia from the early 1970s - new repro kit now available

This is an early 1970s clone of a PDP-8/S, but reduced to 8-bits.

It was published in “Electronics Australia” magazine.

There is a FB Group - and a modern set of repro-pcbs just arrived this week.

Links to FB:


Pcb are easy, the power supply not! I think it is 6 amps @ 5 volts.
For a trainer computer it had a lot nice io.

I love it! Fortunately, we have an emulator with which to test the equipment without physically having it EDUC-8 Computer


Both designs have the short fall short in just what you are teaching about hardware.
The 1970’s you needed tricks to save hardware. Using modern chips, you can not see the hardware logic.