Dream computer - 6800

Another made for TV computer


Nice find. From the article:

A while ago I got a huge amount of old Chips, including a ceramic MC6800L CPU. I wanted to build a Computer around this nice looking Chip and decided to recreate the Australian DREAM 6800 (sometimes also called D.R.E.A.M. 6800), published in the magazine “Electronics Australia” in 1979 and designed by Michael Bauer. It is a early single-board-computer with a whopping 1KiB(1024 Bytes!) RAM and 1KiB ROM programed with CHIP-8. It has a composite video output with a resolution of 64x32 pixels. It uses a hexadecimal keyboard and uses a tape interface to load and store data.



Also very interesting there a rack Z80 MFA style computer

The GPMC Z80 Computer

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