Does anyone here use or know about Synchronet?

Right now at loose ends. I have a pi zero w sitting on my desk, a spare thumb drive, and seeing if I can get not just a basic barebone BBS going but actually set up in something of a functional manner seems liek a neat hobby project.

That synchronet seems to also have something for gopher and IRC seems similarly appealing. I have ideas but they’re largely beyond the scope of here. Just wanted to know if anyone had any familiarity to maybe warn me of what i’m getting into.

Sorry, no familiarity, but it’s a nice idea to make use of a Pi as a BBS appliance!

I installed it once… downloaded the entire Acorn archive and put it on the SD card. It worked quite nicely - even out the box. I fell flat doing ANSI art :smiley: (I had the knack 30 years ago!)

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