DEC RC25 Removable-pack disk

I found this combination of a fixed and removable disk, 26 MB each. So good for backups. Thin and small. 8". Also having a shock indicator turning red when being dropped like some of the larger ones.
I haven’t found any photo except on ebay.
I wonder how common these were, how expensive, when introduced (1993 ?) etc.

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Nice find! Here’s a copy-paste of some images from the brochure:

I don’t think they were used much, because 26 meg is rather small for a hard disk.
They may have been ment to replace aging RK07’s

That depends on the year.
26 MB might be enough for some purposes.
The main pro is the small size.
But probably very rare.
Somehow they remind me of (shorter) QIC tapes but have faster access.

The section views are great.

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I remember RK05 and RL02 packs, and the multiplatter one whose ID escapes me! RX02?

I don’t know the territory, a bit before my time, but it looks like the RP01 drive used an 11 platter disk pack (with 10 surfaces.) Followed of course by RP02, through to RP05.