Dahlgren engraving machine

Searching for computer connectors and buses (upcoming thread), I found this interesting thread list. First some nice photos of an IBM 705 and 701 (close-up panels) and then this engraving computer with tiny CRT display and modules. Could be a licensed TRS-80 computer.

Some more photos:

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I just noticed that the images (for some obscure reason, as these are PNGs) do not render with Firefox. They do however work with Chromium or Webkit-based browsers.

They render fine in firefox - but only if I click on them, when I see that they originate from (presumably) your twitter account. Maybe it’s something to do with in-lining images off other sites?


I use firefox myself (ubuntu) and have no issues. Display without clicking.

Very interesting find and great thread. (Try nitter.net instead of twitter.com to avoid certain web interface infelicities)

TIL Dahlgren has a disambiguation page which also mentions Dhalgren, the SF work. I’ve never noticed the spelling change…

BTW that wood-cased VINTAGE IBM panel mentioned at $100 went for a little under $1200.