Control Data CDC 3800 video in color and Siemens T100S

A 1974 German computer course on TV. Einführung in die Digitaltechnik. Host Jean Pütz. (I wonder where they find early 70s video tapes in that good quality.)

Mainly of interest: the beginning 6 minutes showing a CDC 3800 at the German Weather center (DWD) in Offenbach, having it installed in 1966. The registers and mnemonics are displayed on a backlit screen (at 2’23). Large monitors and a large plotter in action. Also a Siemens T100S teletype with paper tape. At 1’07 an analog computer.

At 4 minutes, there’s a computer/panel and small printer shown at a gas station (unknown brand).
The main part of the show is theory about paper tape code (large scale tape reader model) and large boards with flip flops (serial, parallel data).
At the very end again a Siemens teletype.


It’s rare, indeed.

The process is actually provided in the video description:

Source: VCR-Standard (Grundig VC 30)
Player: Grundig VCR 3500 AV
HDD-Recorder: Pioneer DVR-560H
Mixer: Panasonic WJ-AVE5
Denoiser: NeatVideo v5
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

The important step here seems to be denoising after VCR-to-HDD transfer (using “NeatVideo”, which is a plugin for various video software).