Command-line software for the GoTek floppy disk emulator, with extended capabilities

I’ve just released a set of command-line tools for managing floppy disk images on a USB stick for the GoTek FDD emulator.

From the README:

These command-line tools provide a convenient means of reading, writing, and erasing FDD images on a USB stick, as well as banks of 100 FDD images. They operate with the data format used by the native GoTek firmware (not FlashFloppy or HxC).

These tools were written because the best available GUI tool for managing floppy disk images on USB sticks for the GoTek, USB Floppy Emulator 1.40, runs only on Windows, can only access floppy images 0 - 99 (while the GoTek can use images 0 - 999), and crashes on attempts to read and write the USB stick if certain FDD images (eg. non-FAT filesystems such as for Linux and the BSDs) are written there.

Grab the software here: Richard Reiner / usbfd-tools · GitLab


Hi Richard,
not a GoTek user myself, but welcome and thanks for providing free software and sharing this here!