Colors of a data center eg Siemens

I have a small Siemens book about planning a data center.
Very funny are the colors. To keep a stress less atmosphere, especially due to the artificial lights.

First there are the Siemens device colors: Siemens blue (Siemens 4004), green (Siemens 300) and dark yellow (Transdata). The device surface is light grey (RAL 7032 pebble grey, telephone, #B8B799).

Tables front and sides are lava grey (very dark).
The upholstery fabric of the seats should be purple (rough fabric). Looking like this (Tyrian Purple), I remember this as bus seats

There are some more shades of grey, RAL 9002, similar light grey but less yellowish.
The ceiling is the same, dividers almost white. The floors medium grey, looking like a stone pattern.
The office cabinets are dark brown rosewood.
Very important of course the cooling.
I haven’t paid much attention to colors, especially of chairs, furniture, and ceilings. Many 70s pics are b&w.