Book8088 mini-laptop

Book8088 is a new product, rather than an “old” computer, but it might be of some interest here on RetroComputing Forum anyway:

Basically, it’s like a really slow Libretto, for if an IBM PC 5150 is more your (CPU) speed.

Is there a reason for this product to exist? Not sure. But anyway it’s … a thing.


Oh, but it has a V20! I was quite attracted to that back in the day.

Edit: Oh, and an OPL3 sound chip too - seriously musical, compared to most others of the day, should give SID fans something to compete against.

Edit: and a DIP socket for an 8087. Serious nostalgia!

Edit: and proper serial and parallel ports - not so many laptops still offering those… at least in my house.

Edit: shame about the GPL violation with the BIOS.


But because Sergey is nice, he now supports the Book8088 with his GPL BIOS.

I thought about buying a Book8088, but the thought stalled there.


There is also the GLaBIOS with some interesting options and colors