BBC: The Computer Literacy Project

I think that fairly recently the BBC (re) published this series of 1980s TV programs on it’s iPlayer platform. (They’re also out there on YouTube if you care to search and can’t access the BBC iPlayer).

This was a series of programs for which the BBC commissioned a new microcomputer - the BBC Micro - for. It was part of what they called “The Computer Literacy Project”

Wikipedia description here:

and link to the BBC iPlayer here:

Although you may need to sign-in to the BBC to watch them there.

There are several other stories online about this program so it’s a nice bit of history (if somewhat UK orientated) to dig into.



Sadly, BBC iPlayer is geofenced and plays videos for UK users only.
But, I’m quite sure, I’ve watched The Computer Programme on YouTube (but this may be VHS quality).

There is another site (or mini-site) which might possibly work for you:

Meantime, here’s David Allen and Steve Lowry talking about the development of the Acorn BBC Micro computer and the Computer Literacy Project.

And here’s David Allen speaking for an hour at TNMoC

One of the presenters of the various TV series, Ian McNaught-Davis, died in 2014, resulting in some tributes:
Ian McNaught-Davis 1929-2014 (The National Museum of Computing)
Mac and the Micro - memories of Ian McNaught-Davis (BBC)
Ian McNaught-Davis obituary (Guardian)


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