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Hi all,
maybe someone here is interested in the FOSBIC (FORTRAN Simulated BASIC Interpretive Compiler) system.

Background: This was developed, oder rather ported from UWBIC (University of Washington, Prog. W.H. Sharpe) in the mid 70s, by Prof Weber et al. at the German University of Gießen, for the purpose of teaching BASIC on their CDC3300 batch system.
It is written in FORTRAN IV, and knows most of Dartmouth BASIC, including MAT statements and basic sequential/ISAM file handling.

I have ported that, with the help to GNU gfortran, to modern Windows (mingw/cygwin) and Linux, so anyone may play with it. It is still a batch system, i.e. on has to provide the BASIC program as a file (formerly it had to be a card deck), and feed it into the program through stdin, as
in “./fosbic < hello.bas | ./asa”
The code with many examples is available at GitHub - hveit01/FOSBIC: BASIC Compiler in FORTRAN IV from University of Gießen, and has also found its way to Index of /pdf/uni-giessen.

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It’s an interesting concept; writing a BASIC compiler in FORTRAN. Or writing anything that’s not mostly numerical in nature in FORTRAN, but stranger things have happened - PRIMOS - a multi muser operating system for Prime minicomputers was originally written in FORTRAN too…

As was ADVENT…

So a good exercise in creativity, if nothing else.


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