Arkay CT-650 (Computer Trainer Model 650) ~1967

I’m still checking the Swedish Electronic magazines. I first found a 1967 HP 2115A and after research I found a digital museum called The Computer Church (previously with computers from 1830s-1980s, peripherals and publications from 1830s-1980s.

A very interesting early trainer is the Arkay CT-650, company Comspace Corp, designed by Irving Becker.

Most of the photos showing later rebuilds. Switches on b&w photos are round instead of triangled.
On top the core memory (simulated) and the magnetic program drum.
Below the input, arithmetic, control and output unit. 54" long. Price ~$1000.

The oldest computer (and also interesting) at the Computer Church is a 1922 US Navy analog computer by Ford called Range Keeper Mark VI.
The Computer Church: The .

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I you want any information of pictures, i got one.