Archive - Computer Ads from the Past

An interesting compilation of articles around old computer ads, from midrange IBM to Connectix RAM doubler :slight_smile:


Very nice!

In similar vein, although perhaps with more commentary - including social commentary - see the old favourite


Both the 300 adverts and Computer Ads from the Past are interesting collections which I don’t remember looking at before. Thanks for the links! I think I’m going to be quite distracted reading these today…

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And another collection, currently featured on HN:

HN discussion:


A new beautiful issue:

Glad you found it. Any companies/products that you’d like to see covered?

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Forget the ads, send the products. :slight_smile:
For your reminder,

It is amazing how computers changed with every revision
of dynamic ram, and so did the ads and magazine content.

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The rarer and weirder the better :slight_smile: