Apple //GS Mega // chip

Does anyone here know where I can get a Mega // chip (with, hopefully, a pin-out) without having to cannibalize an Apple // GS motherboard? I’ve been contemplating a project for years, and still no easy solution.

The pinout is relatively easy: it’s in the circuit diagram.

I think the diagram was originally part of the hardware reference manual
(see also here)

But to get a chip, I think someone somewhere needs to take it out of a IIgs. Preferably a dead one! (Or else someone needs to make an FPGA recreation, which would be technically possible but probably rather difficult to get exactly right.)

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You might try here:

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Thanks for the manuals. It seems like either way won’t be easy.

Thanks for the link. I left a message, and hopefully they’ll be able to help me out.

Okay, so far, no luck. I’m wondering if the Apple // e card from the earlier versions of Mac could be used to make a laptop //e. It has the Mega // chip on it, and supposedly everything needed to emulate an Apple //e. Ideas?

I almost forgot - I ws hoping I could get it to fit in an eMate 300 shell. I’m hoping it will make a sturdier laptop, but I could see if I can make my own case.

Sounds possible!

I found a video by the 8 bit guy on Youtube about this card. It uses some of the Mac’s
hardware to work. It may be possible, but I’m not entirely sure it would fit in a eMate shell.

Perhaps this video:

Yep, that’s the one!