Anyone know how Controlled Tasks work?

I came across a C header file on the Tektronix 4404 that describes a Controlled Task. It says it basically forks the process and every time the child calls a kernel function, pauses it and gives control to the parent. Its exactly what I need to write a strace type command.

But it is totally undocumented apart from the C include file which has some comments - and wrong function declarations :rofl:

Was this a common pattern? How is it mean to work? I’ve written a litle test and I can run a child process that pauses when it gets a signal, but I have no idea how to enable pausing when calling a kernel function (a trap call on this system).

Any thoughts / ideas / heard of this sort of thing?

Someone else may chime in and correct me, but I was a proprietary Unix kernel programmer in those days and I’m not familiar with this terminology.

Many people (including a team I was on in the mid-80s) built such tracing “hacks” in their proprietary systems. Keep in mind that there wasn’t an internet (you were pretty fortunate if you had routine access to Usenet in the early 80s) and the concept of open source was in its infancy (Stallman’s original posting “Why I must write Gnu” was made in 1983, I think). So a lot of things got invented over and over.

I don’t see any easy way to intercept system calls aside from (a) modifying the source code of the thin library layer that maps C calls into syscalls or (b) modifying the kernel at the syscall entrypoint, which is basically a hopefully-careful argument checker and a big jump table.

I hope someone will jump in and tell me I’m missing something obvious that will help you!


Yes, the very basic “debug” command documentation talks about the “Controlled Task” which makes me think it was added to support debugging. Annoyingly, the debugger and various other key commands are all written in m68k assembler ( + no symbols) so it make reverse engineering with Ghidra etc super painful.

This Unix gets into kernel space using trap#15. So before I found this header file, I had started an experiment of hooking trap#15 - and for anything that wasn’t my process ID, doing a passthru, and for the target process ID, doing some logging. Nasty in that I would have to get in the way of every process running in the system, and lots of room for toasting the system if you get things wrong!

This small set of routines would be ideal IF it actually does what it claims and allow stopping the child process when it does a OS call (aka trap#15).

There is a SIGTRACE on this machine but I have no idea how to use it. I tried sending SIGTRACE to the child process as well as adding a handler for SIGTRACE…

extern struct ctask *create_controlled_task();
extern               step_controlled_task();
extern               kill_controlled_task();
extern               halt_controlled_task();
extern               resume_controlled_task();
extern               execute_controlled_task();
extern               clear_controlled_task_signals();
extern               get_controlled_task_registers();
extern               update_controlled_task_registers();
extern               get_controlled_task_memory();
extern               update_controlled_task_memory();

OK, things are coming back to me slowly.

There was a system call added to Unix V6 (the first version widely distributed outside of Bell Labs). The syscall was named ptrace. It was the very first attempt to implement a debugging service in Unix. Your Tek kernel was probably built on V7 or some early pre-4.2 version of BSD, but it’s highly likely that these most basic debugging command codes (meaning: arguments to the ptrace system call) were left unchanged because they were an exposed API (for building e.g. a debugger).

I also have a complete manual for Unix V6. I’m attaching images of the V6 manual page for ptrace. As always, YMMV.


Again, interesting. And yes, that absolutely has the flavour of these calls. This is the decompiled wrapper execute_controlled_task(), which is the same as the other wrappers calling a single function (ctask()) with a ‘function code’.

int _execute_controlled_task(ctask *task)

  int iVar1;
  if (task == (ctask *)0x0) {
    _errno = EINVAL;
    iVar1 = -1;
  else if (task->task_control == -0xDEAD) {
    iVar1 = _ctask((int)task->task_id,3);
    task->task_state = iVar1;
    iVar1 = task->task_state;
  else {
    _errno = EINVAL;
    iVar1 = -1;
  return iVar1;

The header file listed 6 codes with no explanation as to where they are used, but I see that these are the codes that are passed into ctask().

#define CTASK_HALT    0   /* Halt task at next execution */
#define CTASK_RESUME  1   /* Resume task (must be halted) */
#define CTASK_STEP    2   /* Single step task */
#define CTASK_EXECUTE 3   /* Execute task until termination or breakpoint */
#define CTASK_CREATE  4   /* Create controlled sub-task image */
#define CTASK_CLEAR   5   /* Clear any signals waiting for the task */

The old documentation I posted for ptrace() implies a complex dance between parent (“debugger”) and child (“buggy program”) processes. The parent has to fork() and then, in the child process but before exec’ing the child program, parent code in the child process had to call ptrace(0, ignored, ignored, ignored).

Then the parent can exec() the child (I guess? Although I don’t understand how the parent can set a breakpoint before loosing the child to run the “buggy program”; this seems important, and I don’t see how to do it).

Next the parent needs a loop that iteratively calls wait() and checks for the faux termination status 0o177 == 0x7F == 127, which means the child has only stopped because of a signal rather than actually terminating via exit(). At this point the parent can only read and write the child’s text (code) and data space one word at a time. It can write an instruction that will cause an illegal instruction trap at any code address, which is the only mechanism provided for breakpointing. And then it can set the child running again.

This original ptrace() mechanism is incredibly crude and clumsy as you can see, which is why so many proprietary vendors looked at it and said “we can do this so much better!”.

Now, the disassembled C code you posted only takes any action if the child state is -0xDEAD. This suggests that it works similarly to ptrace(): the child has to stop before the parent can take any action. And by “stop” I don’t mean like “job-control” stopped; that process state did not exist until Bill Joy added it to Berkeley Unix in order to build the job control features into the shell he wrote (csh). So assuming no such feature in the kernel you’re running, the buggy program has to “stop” by encountering a signal after declaring itself to be a debugged process.

The reason I’m going through this in so much detail is that I’m trying to point out a likely consequence: that this code isn’t documented because it never got finished. The existence of this API implies some nontrivial changes to the kernel of the sort that are easy to defer when schedules get tight. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m suspicious…

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I share your concern over tight schedules etc. Been there, got the t-shirt :slight_smile:

(fwiw I tried calling ctask() with larger function numbers and it does not like it)

However, my test program , forever.c that prints and sleeps forever, when started with the debugger shows up as this on the status (equiv to ps) listing:

Task-id Status Mode    User Parent    Dev Prio  Size     Time Command
      0  sleep  *    system      0     xx  sys    0K  0:18:02 System
      1  sleep       system      0     xx wait   48K  0:00:20 /etc/init
     21  sleep       system      1  tty00 wait  360K  0:00:04 +shell +s  
     22  sleep       system      1     xx  slp   28K  0:00:00 login 
     25    run       system     18  tty00   35   56K  0:00:03 /etc/telnetd  
     16  sleep       system      1  tty00 pipe   28K  0:00:00 /etc/ntimer  
     18  sleep       system      1  tty00 pipe  120K  0:00:02 /etc/ftpd  
     56  sleep       system     21  tty00   in  100K  0:00:02 debug forever  
     57  sleep       system     25  tty00 pipe   64K  0:00:00 /etc/server +XD /
     58  sleep       system     25  tty00 wait   44K  0:00:00 tn_local  
     59  sleep       system     56  tty00 trce   16K  0:00:00 forever 

NB The Priority of “trce” for process “forever”. So there is a way of prodding a process to be in this special mode, but I have no idea how to get it there…

That suggests that at least some part of the required kernel code is present. Did you try issuing CTASK_RESUME to see what the child process does?

We need a whiteboard! :slight_smile:

tek4404/ctrace.c at main · Elektraglide/tek4404 · GitHub For my little experiment.

A while back I reverse engineered the file format of executables and relocatable files. So I wrote a little thing that prints out ABSOLUTE symbols in the kernel boot file (which I’m presuming are ‘settings’ / constants) and DATA symbols which I presume tells me where to seek into /dev/pmem to get stuff. Its interesting reading but not sure where to start.

For sure some intriguing names! Took me a while to realise all those Win… symbols are talking about Winchester harddisks :rofl:

ABS 0x00004e4f  $$syscall
ABS 0x00000021  ABORTS
ABS 0x00000019  ADDRS
ABS 0x0000000c  AEVEC
ABS 0x0000000a  ALARMS
ABS 0x00000060  AUVEC
ABS 0x00000009  BD0max
ABS 0x00000008  BEVEC
ABS 0x00000060  BE_DIB
ABS 0x0000005c  BE_DOB
ABS 0x00000056  BE_FA
ABS 0x00000064  BE_IIB
ABS 0x0000007c  BE_IREG
ABS 0x00000054  BE_SSW
ABS 0x00000009  BE_SSW_BY
ABS 0x0000000c  BE_SSW_DF
ABS 0x00000007  BE_SSW_FC
ABS 0x0000000a  BE_SSW_HB
ABS 0x0000000a  BE_SSW_IF
ABS 0x0000000b  BE_SSW_RM
ABS 0x0000000f  BE_SSW_RR
ABS 0x00000008  BE_SSW_RW
ABS 0x00000001  BFALOC
ABS 0x00000000  BFALOC_b
ABS 0x00000004  BFERR
ABS 0x00000002  BFERR_b
ABS 0x00000002  BFIOF
ABS 0x00000001  BFIOF_b
ABS 0x00000040  BFLAT
ABS 0x00000006  BFLAT_b
ABS 0x00000020  BFNOW
ABS 0x00000005  BFNOW_b
ABS 0x00000008  BFREQ
ABS 0x00000003  BFREQ_b
ABS 0x00000010  BFRWF
ABS 0x00000004  BFRWF_b
ABS 0x00000080  BFSPC
ABS 0x00000007  BFSPC_b
ABS 0x00000001  BFSWAP
ABS 0x00000000  BFSWAP_b
ABS 0x00000001  BFSWPI_b
ABS 0x00000007  BFVISIT_b
ABS 0x0000000a  BH020_b
ABS 0x00000005  BHDDL_b
ABS 0x0000000b  BHDMP_b
ABS 0x00000080  BHDOV
ABS 0x00000007  BHDOV_b
ABS 0x00000006  BHDQL_b
ABS 0x00000040  BHDSIZ
ABS 0x00000000  BHDSS_b
ABS 0x00000004  BHDST_b
ABS 0x0000000e  BHERR_b
ABS 0x0000000c  BHFLT_b
ABS 0x00000009  BHFPS_b
ABS 0x00000005  BHNZR_b
ABS 0x00000008  BHRT_b
ABS 0x0000000a  BHSID_b
ABS 0x00000007  BHTS_L
ABS 0x00000006  BHTS_M
ABS 0x00000005  BHTS_S
ABS 0x0000000f  BHVTA_b
ABS 0x00000001  BLKDEV
ABS 0x00000020  BLKSIZ
ABS 0x00000005  BLKSIZ_b
ABS 0x00000005  BLK_FILL
ABS 0x0000001d  BNDS
ABS 0x00000004  BNHEAD
ABS 0xffffffb5  BPTPR
ABS 0x00000020  BSECH
ABS 0x00000005  BSECH_b
ABS 0x00000008  BSPCH
ABS 0x00000008  BUFPPAG
ABS 0x00000032  BUFPR
ABS 0x00000009  B_4800
ABS 0x0000000b  B_9600
ABS 0x007df000  BitBltFixedPage
ABS 0x00000020  CBSIZE
ABS 0x00000064  CDBLKS
ABS 0x00000032  CFDN
ABS 0x0000000e  CHARS_PER_SLOT
ABS 0x0000000a  CHKS
ABS 0x00000000  CHK_A3
ABS 0x00000000  CHK_MA
ABS 0x00000000  CHK_MT
ABS 0x00000000  CHK_SL
ABS 0x00000000  CHK_SP
ABS 0x00000000  CHK_ST
ABS 0x0000000c  CHRDEV
ABS 0x00000018  CKVEC
ABS 0x007b8002  CLOCK_CMD
ABS 0x007b8000  CLOCK_DATA
ABS 0x00000064  CLOCK_FREQ
ABS 0x0000000a  CLSSIZ
ABS 0x00000018  CNCLC
ABS 0x00000080  CNTRL
ABS 0x00000007  CNTRL_b
ABS 0x00000034  CPPVEC
ABS 0x0000000a  CR
ABS 0x00000010  CRMOD
ABS 0x00000004  CRMOD_b
ABS 0x00000001  CTS
ABS 0x00000003  CT_int
ABS 0x00000001  DATA_IN_XFER
ABS 0x00000000  DATA_OUT_X
ABS 0x0000000a  DCT_SIZ
ABS 0x0000001a  DEADS
ABS 0x0000000c  DELCR
ABS 0x00000020  DELFF
ABS 0x00000003  DELNL
ABS 0x00000010  DELTB
ABS 0x00000020  DELVT
ABS 0x00000014  DEVSIZ
ABS 0x0000000e  DIRSIZ
ABS 0x00000017  DIVS
ABS 0x00000003  DSKADS
ABS 0x00000040  DTR
ABS 0x007b4000  DUART
ABS 0x00000008  DUART_ACR
ABS 0x00000004  DUART_CRA
ABS 0x00000014  DUART_CRB
ABS 0x00000002  DUART_CSRA
ABS 0x00000012  DUART_CSRB
ABS 0x0000000e  DUART_CTL
ABS 0x0000000c  DUART_CTU
ABS 0x0000000a  DUART_IMR
ABS 0x00000008  DUART_IPCR
ABS 0x0000001a  DUART_IPR
ABS 0x0000000a  DUART_ISR
ABS 0x00000018  DUART_IVR
ABS 0x00000000  DUART_MRA
ABS 0x00000010  DUART_MRB
ABS 0x0000001a  DUART_OPCR
ABS 0x00000006  DUART_RHRA
ABS 0x00000016  DUART_RHRB
ABS 0x00000002  DUART_SRA
ABS 0x00000012  DUART_SRB
ABS 0x00000006  DUART_THRA
ABS 0x00000016  DUART_THRB
ABS 0x0000001e  DUART_resetOPR
ABS 0x0000001c  DUART_setOPR
ABS 0x0000001c  DUART_startCount
ABS 0x0000001e  DUART_stopCount
ABS 0x00000024  DUMPS
ABS 0x0000001c  DVTSIZ
ABS 0x00000013  EARGC
ABS 0x00000007  EBADF
ABS 0x0000000c  EBARG
ABS 0x00000016  EBBIG
ABS 0x0000001a  EBDCL
ABS 0x00000012  EBDEV
ABS 0x00000010  EBSY
ABS 0x00000002  ECHO
ABS 0x00000001  ECHO_b
ABS 0x00000005  EDFUL
ABS 0x00000022  EDIRTY
ABS 0x00000003  EDTOF
ABS 0x00000002  EFAULT
ABS 0x0000000b  EFLX
ABS 0x0000001b  EINTR
ABS 0x00000001  EIO
ABS 0x00000014  EISDR
ABS 0x0000001f  ELOCK
ABS 0x00000009  EMSDR
ABS 0x00000004  EMT1S
ABS 0x0000000e  EMT2S
ABS 0x00000028  EMVEC
ABS 0x0000000f  ENBLK
ABS 0x00000018  ENCHD
ABS 0x00000004  ENDR
ABS 0x00000011  ENMNT
ABS 0x00000008  ENOFL
ABS 0x00000024  ENOFPUDATA
ABS 0x00000025  ENOINPUT
ABS 0x00000026  ENOSPACE
ABS 0x00000015  ENOTB
ABS 0x0000001c  ENTSK
ABS 0x0000001d  ENTTY
ABS 0x00000004  EOTCH
ABS 0x0000001e  EPIPE
ABS 0x0000000a  EPRM
ABS 0x00000007  ESCOFF_b
ABS 0x0000000a  ESEEK
ABS 0x00000017  ESTOF
ABS 0x00000006  ETMFL
ABS 0x00000019  ETMTS
ABS 0x00000020  ETXOF
ABS 0x00000021  EVFORK
ABS 0x00000023  EWRTPROT
ABS 0x00000007  EXCL_OPEN_b
ABS 0x0000000e  EXDEV
ABS 0x0000001c  EXECS
ABS 0x00000008  EXECSIZE
ABS 0x00000020  FACOE
ABS 0x00000005  FACOE_b
ABS 0x00000008  FACOR
ABS 0x00000003  FACOR_b
ABS 0x00000010  FACOW
ABS 0x00000004  FACOW_b
ABS 0x00000004  FACUE
ABS 0x00000002  FACUE_b
ABS 0x00000001  FACUR
ABS 0x00000000  FACUR_b
ABS 0x00000002  FACUW
ABS 0x00000001  FACUW_b
ABS 0x00000001  FBUSY
ABS 0x00000000  FBUSY_b
ABS 0x00000080  FCONT
ABS 0x00000007  FCONT_b
ABS 0x00000001  FDEMAND
ABS 0x00000000  FDEMAND_b
ABS 0x0000003f  FDNHASH
ABS 0x00000064  FDNPR
ABS 0x0000005e  FDNSIZ
ABS 0x00000001  FFULL
ABS 0x00000080  FINUSE
ABS 0x00000007  FINUSE_b
ABS 0x00000001  FLOCK
ABS 0x00000000  FLOCK_b
ABS 0x00000000  FLPmajor
ABS 0x00000000  FLPminor
ABS 0x00000006  FLUSHO_PENDING_b
ABS 0x00000008  FMNT
ABS 0x00000003  FMNT_b
ABS 0x00000002  FMOD
ABS 0x00000001  FMOD_b
ABS 0x000000c0  FPCP
ABS 0x0000002c  FPDIVIDES
ABS 0x00000040  FPIPE
ABS 0x00000006  FPIPE_b
ABS 0x00000002  FPRDF
ABS 0x00000001  FPRDF_b
ABS 0x00000004  FPWRF
ABS 0x00000002  FPWRF_b
ABS 0x00000002  FSBLK
ABS 0x00000001  FSBLK_b
ABS 0x00000004  FSCHR
ABS 0x00000002  FSCHR_b
ABS 0x00000008  FSDIR
ABS 0x00000003  FSDIR_b
ABS 0x00000020  FSNET
ABS 0x00000005  FSNET_b
ABS 0x00000006  FSPTY
ABS 0x0000000c  FSTSIZ
ABS 0x00000040  FTASK
ABS 0x00000006  FTASK_b
ABS 0x00000004  FTEXT
ABS 0x00000002  FTEXT_b
ABS 0x00000004  FVISIT_b
ABS 0x00000000  FWADATA
ABS 0x00000000  FWATEXT
ABS 0x00000000  FWAUSTK
ABS 0x00000020  FWLCK
ABS 0x00000005  FWLCK_b
ABS 0x00000040  FXSET
ABS 0x00000006  FXSET_b
ABS 0x00000000  GETSTATS
ABS 0xffffffce  HALTPR
ABS 0x00000001  HANGS
ABS 0x00000022  HDRSIZ
ABS 0x00000002  HOLD
ABS 0x0000001b  HOLDC
ABS 0xffffffd3  HOLDPR
ABS 0x00000001  HOLD_b
ABS 0x00000010  IIVEC
ABS 0x00000016  ILLINS
ABS 0x0000002b  INEXACTS
ABS 0x00000023  INPUTS
ABS 0x00000003  INTRC
ABS 0x00000002  INTS
ABS 0x0000001a  INTSIZ
ABS 0x00000200  ISTACK
ABS 0x00000000  IS_68000
ABS 0x00000001  IS_68010
ABS 0x00000000  IS_68020
ABS 0x00000004  IXONXOF_b
ABS 0x00000080  I_DUMP
ABS 0x00000001  I_INIT
ABS 0x00000004  I_NCAT
ABS 0x00000008  I_NIGN
ABS 0x00000002  I_NRST
ABS 0x00000007  InputPortCh_int
ABS 0x007b0000  KB_Loopback
ABS 0x00000005  KILLS
ABS 0x00000008  LCASE
ABS 0x00000003  LCASE_b
ABS 0x00000780  LINE_SIZE
ABS 0x0000000e  LKTSIZ
ABS 0x007db000  LWADATA
ABS 0x007db000  LWATEXT
ABS 0x0000000a  MAPSIZ
ABS 0x000000c0  MAXBUF
ABS 0x00000010  MAXCOPY
ABS 0x0000001e  MAXDATSZ
ABS 0x00000000  MAXDCT
ABS 0x0000003c  MAXJOB
ABS 0x00000040  MAXMAP
ABS 0x00100000  MAXMEM
ABS 0x00001000  MAXPIP
ABS 0x0000001e  MAXSTKSZ
ABS 0x00000004  MAXTXTSZ
ABS 0x007db000  MAXUMEM
ABS 0x00000040  MAX_CHUNKS
ABS 0x00000040  MAX_DIR_SIZE
ABS 0x00000008  MAX_MDEP_S
ABS 0x80000000  MC_DIRTY
ABS 0x0000001f  MC_DIRTY_b
ABS 0x000fffff  MC_PAGE
ABS 0x00100000  MC_READMON
ABS 0x00000014  MC_READMON_b
ABS 0x10000000  MC_SHARED
ABS 0x0000001c  MC_SHARED_b
ABS 0x20000000  MC_SWAP
ABS 0x0000001d  MC_SWAP_b
ABS 0x40000000  MC_WRITE
ABS 0x00200000  MC_WRITEMON
ABS 0x00000015  MC_WRITEMO
ABS 0x0000001e  MC_WRITE_b
ABS 0x00000028  MEMPR
ABS 0x00000000  MESSAGES
ABS 0x00000100  MMAP
ABS 0xffffffdd  MSGIPR
ABS 0xffffffdc  MSGOPR
ABS 0x0000000a  MSTSIZ
ABS 0x00000064  MS_PER_TICK
ABS 0x00000000  MTBASE
ABS 0x0000000a  MTSIZE
ABS 0x007b0000  MouseDiag
ABS 0x007b6000  Mouseregs
ABS 0x00000030  NANS
ABS 0x00000040  NBLKS
ABS 0x00000050  NFDNPR
ABS 0x0000000a  NL
ABS 0xffffffff  NODEV
ABS 0xffffffff  NO_DATA_XFER
ABS 0x00000000  NO_MMU
ABS 0x00000004  NUM_SLOTS
ABS 0x00722000  NVGetAddr
ABS 0x00723000  NVPutAddr
ABS 0x00721000  NVRamAddr
ABS 0x00000007  OFBUSY_b
ABS 0x00000004  OFPIPE
ABS 0x00000002  OFPIPE_b
ABS 0x00000010  OFPTYM
ABS 0x00000004  OFPTYM_b
ABS 0x00000020  OFPTYS
ABS 0x00000005  OFPTYS_b
ABS 0x00000001  OFREAD
ABS 0x00000000  OFREAD_b
ABS 0x00000002  OFWRIT
ABS 0x00000001  OFWRIT_b
ABS 0x0000002e  OPERANDS
ABS 0x000000b3  OQHI
ABS 0x00000028  OQLO
ABS 0x0000002f  OVERFLOWS
ABS 0x00000fff  PAGMSK
ABS 0x0000000c  PAGSFT
ABS 0x00001000  PAGSIZ
ABS 0x00000015  PARS
ABS 0x00000003  PCIntOff
ABS 0x00000080  PCRInt
ABS 0x00000007  PCRInt_b
ABS 0x00000002  PCReset
ABS 0x00000001  PCReset_b
ABS 0x00000001  PCStrobe
ABS 0x00000000  PCStrobe_b
ABS 0xfffffffb  PIPEPR
ABS 0x00000100  PRCSIZ
ABS 0x00000018  PRIVS
ABS 0x000000f8  PROTOCOL
ABS 0x00000010  PSAck
ABS 0x00000004  PSAck_b
ABS 0x00000008  PSBusy
ABS 0x00000003  PSBusy_b
ABS 0x00000004  PSFault
ABS 0x00000002  PSFault_b
ABS 0x00000080  PSInt
ABS 0x00000007  PSInt_b
ABS 0x00000040  PSPD0
ABS 0x00000006  PSPD0_b
ABS 0x00000002  PSPE
ABS 0x00000001  PSPE_b
ABS 0x00000001  PSSelect
ABS 0x00000000  PSSelect_b
ABS 0x00000020  PSStrobeFB
ABS 0x00000005  PSStrobeFB_b
ABS 0x00000001  PTYS
ABS 0x00000020  PVVEC
ABS 0x007b2001  PrintCtrl
ABS 0x007b2003  PrintData
ABS 0x007b2001  PrintStat
ABS 0x00000000  QUIETS
ABS 0x0000001c  QUITC
ABS 0x00000003  QUITS
ABS 0x00000080  RASTER_SIZE
ABS 0x00000001  RAW
ABS 0x00000000  RAW_b
ABS 0x00000000  REALTIME
ABS 0x00000054  REGSIZ
ABS 0x00000000  REPORT
ABS 0x00000064  RESTM
ABS 0x00000000  ROM
ABS 0x00000000  RSVEC
ABS 0x00000002  RTS
ABS 0x00000001  RUMP
ABS 0xffffffe2  RUMPPR
ABS 0x00000001  RUNINTS
ABS 0x00000000  RxRDY
ABS 0x00000001  RxRDYA_int
ABS 0x00000005  RxRDYB_int
ABS 0x00000020  SABSIZ
ABS 0x00000000  SAVE_PARAMS
ABS 0x00000040  SCHR
ABS 0x00000006  SCHR_b
ABS 0x007e0000  SCREEN_LA
ABS 0x00000080  SCSI_BUS_RESET
ABS 0x007de000  SHARE1_LA
ABS 0x007dd000  SHARE2_LA
ABS 0x0000003f  SIGCNT
ABS 0x000001ea  SIRSIZ
ABS 0xffffffb0  SLEPPR
ABS 0x00000004  SLOT_SHIFT
ABS 0x00000010  SLOT_SIZE
ABS 0x00000200  SMAPSZ
ABS 0x00000020  SPACE
ABS 0x00000022  SPLRS
ABS 0x00000001  SSIZE
ABS 0xffffffba  STEPPR
ABS 0x00000078  SWAPPR
ABS 0x00000007  SWAPS
ABS 0x00000005  S_BIT
ABS 0x00000009  TABCH
ABS 0x00000000  TAPEmajor
ABS 0x00000008  TAPEminor
ABS 0x00000020  TARGX
ABS 0x00000005  TARGX_b
ABS 0x00000005  TBUILTIN_b
ABS 0x00000001  TCORE
ABS 0x00000000  TCORE_b
ABS 0x00000004  TCREAT
ABS 0x0000000b  TERMS
ABS 0x00000040  THALT
ABS 0x00000006  THALT_b
ABS 0x00000003  THOLD_b
ABS 0x00000009  TIMES
ABS 0x00000001  TIMOUT
ABS 0x00000000  TIMOUT_b
ABS 0x00000002  TLOCK
ABS 0x00000001  TLOCK_b
ABS 0x00000007  TLOGIN_b
ABS 0x0000001a  TMATSIZ
ABS 0x00000012  TMSSIZ
ABS 0x007ba000  TOD_Clock
ABS 0x007dc000  TOD_LA
ABS 0x00000004  TOPEN
ABS 0x00000002  TOPEN_b
ABS 0x00000000  TPNOTI_b
ABS 0x00000080  TPVEC
ABS 0xffffffbf  TRACEPR
ABS 0x00000008  TRACS
ABS 0x00000003  TRANS_b
ABS 0x0000000f  TRAP1S
ABS 0x00000010  TRAP2S
ABS 0x00000011  TRAP3S
ABS 0x00000012  TRAP4S
ABS 0x00000013  TRAP5S
ABS 0x00000014  TRAP6S
ABS 0x0000000c  TRAPVS
ABS 0x00000006  TREALTIME_b
ABS 0x00000001  TRUN
ABS 0x00000024  TRVEC
ABS 0x0000004e  TSKSIZ
ABS 0x00000002  TSLEEP
ABS 0x00000001  TSLOCK_b
ABS 0x00000020  TSTEAL
ABS 0x00000005  TSTEAL_b
ABS 0x00000080  TSTEP
ABS 0x00000007  TSTEP_b
ABS 0x00000002  TSWAPX_b
ABS 0x00000004  TSYSTM
ABS 0x00000002  TSYSTM_b
ABS 0x00000012  TTCSIZ
ABS 0x00000005  TTERM
ABS 0x00000006  TTRACE
ABS 0x00000008  TTRACP
ABS 0x00000003  TTRACP_b
ABS 0xfffffff6  TTYIPR
ABS 0xffffffec  TTYOPR
ABS 0x0000002a  TTYSIZ
ABS 0x00000010  TVFORK
ABS 0x00000004  TVFORK_b
ABS 0x0000001c  TVVEC
ABS 0x00000003  TWAIT
ABS 0x00000010  TXSSIZ
ABS 0x0000000f  T_BIT
ABS 0x007b8000  TimerResInt
ABS 0x00000003  TxEMT
ABS 0x00000002  TxRDY
ABS 0x00000004  TxRDYB_int
ABS 0x00000024  UA0
ABS 0x00000040  UA7
ABS 0x0000004d  UCC
ABS 0x00000004  UD0
ABS 0x00000048  UIPAR
ABS 0x00000044  UIPRC
ABS 0x0000004a  UIPSR
ABS 0x0000001f  UM_KEEP_b
ABS 0x0000002d  UNDERFLOWS
ABS 0x00000020  UNFILS
ABS 0x0000002a  UNORDEREDS
ABS 0x0000004e  UPC
ABS 0x00000000  URPTR
ABS 0xffffffa6  USERPR
ABS 0x00000052  USFT
ABS 0x0000004c  USR
ABS 0x0000001e  USR1S
ABS 0x0000001f  USR2S
ABS 0x00000020  USR3S
ABS 0x007db000  USTACK
ABS 0x0000089a  USTSIZ
ABS 0x00000100  USVEC
ABS 0x00007fff  Uni_DN
ABS 0x00007fff  Uni_SN
ABS 0x00782000  VIDEO_Addr
ABS 0x00784000  VIDEO_Cont
ABS 0x00782000  VIDEO_Pan
ABS 0x00600000  VIDEO_Ram
ABS 0x00620000  VIDEO_Ram_
ABS 0x00000080  VIDEO_bytesPerLine
ABS 0x0000ffe9  VIDEO_default_pan
ABS 0x0000000f  VIDEO_deflt_Pan_Bit_Pos
ABS 0x00000010  VIDEO_inverted
ABS 0x00000004  VIDEO_inverted_bit
ABS 0x00000010  VIDEO_inverted_mask
ABS 0x000003ff  VIDEO_maxDisplayX
ABS 0x000003ff  VIDEO_maxDisplayY
ABS 0x00000180  VIDEO_maxViewportX
ABS 0x00000220  VIDEO_maxViewportY
ABS 0x00000000  VIDEO_not_inverted
ABS 0x0000000f  VIDEO_panx
ABS 0x00000005  VIDEO_screenOn_bit
ABS 0x00000020  VIDEO_screenOn_mask
ABS 0x00000000  VIDEO_screen_off
ABS 0x00000040  VIDEO_screen_on
ABS 0x00000020  VIDEO_serial_off
ABS 0x00000080  VIDEO_vadinc
ABS 0x000001e0  VIDEO_viewportHeight
ABS 0x00000280  VIDEO_viewportWidth
ABS 0x00000006  VIDEO_vint_bit
ABS 0x00000040  VIDEO_vint_mask
ABS 0x00000000  VM_RECORDING
ABS 0x00000006  VerticalInterruptsPerTick
ABS 0x00000011  VerticalInterval
ABS 0xffffffd8  WAITPR
ABS 0x00000000  WIN_BUS_ADDRESS_0
ABS 0x00000002  WIN_BUS_ADDRESS_1
ABS 0x00000004  WIN_BUS_ADDRESS_2
ABS 0x00000005  WIN_BUS_ADDRESS_3
ABS 0x00000000  WINmajor
ABS 0x00000004  WINminor
ABS 0x00000006  WPIPES
ABS 0x0000001b  WRITS
ABS 0x00000005  XANY_b
ABS 0x00000000  XMIT_ON_b
ABS 0x00000013  XOFFC
ABS 0x00000002  XOFF_SEND_b
ABS 0x00000001  XOFF_SENT_b
ABS 0x00000011  XONC
ABS 0x00000006  XONXOF_b
ABS 0x00000003  XON_SEND_b
ABS 0x00000004  XTABS
ABS 0x00000002  XTABS_b
ABS 0x00000014  ZDVEC
ABS 0x00000014  acblks
ABS 0x00000006  acend
ABS 0x00000013  acmem
ABS 0x00000018  acname
ABS 0x00000016  acspar
ABS 0x00000010  acstat
ABS 0x00000002  acstrt
ABS 0x0000000a  acsyst
ABS 0x00000012  actty
ABS 0x00000000  acuid
ABS 0x0000000a  acusrt
ABS 0x00000018  bfadr
ABS 0x00000012  bfblch
ABS 0x00000014  bfblck
ABS 0x00000004  bfdbl
ABS 0x00000000  bfdfl
ABS 0x00000010  bfdvn
ABS 0x0000000c  bffbl
ABS 0x00000008  bfffl
ABS 0x0000001c  bfflag
ABS 0x0000001d  bfflg2
ABS 0x00000021  bfspr
ABS 0x00000020  bfstat
ABS 0x0000001e  bftid
ABS 0x00000016  bfxadr
ABS 0x0000001a  bfxfc
ABS 0x00000031  bhamsk
ABS 0x0000000a  bhbss
ABS 0x00000026  bhcom
ABS 0x00000006  bhdat
ABS 0x00000001  bhdes
ABS 0x0000001a  bhdsa
ABS 0x0000002a  bhflg
ABS 0x00000000  bhhdr
ABS 0x0000003d  bhmach
ABS 0x0000002c  bhmnpg
ABS 0x0000002e  bhmxpg
ABS 0x00000028  bhnam
ABS 0x0000000e  bhrls
ABS 0x00000032  bhspr
ABS 0x0000003e  bhsrn
ABS 0x0000001e  bhstk
ABS 0x00000022  bhsym
ABS 0x00000016  bhtsa
ABS 0x00000030  bhtsiz
ABS 0x00000002  bhtxt
ABS 0x00000038  bhtype
ABS 0x0000003a  bhvers
ABS 0x00000012  bhxfr
ABS 0x00000018  blkclk
ABS 0x00000004  blkcls
ABS 0x00000014  blkfdn
ABS 0x00000008  blkio
ABS 0x0000001a  blkmdm
ABS 0x00000000  blkopn
ABS 0x00000010  blktmo
ABS 0x0000000c  blktpt
ABS 0x00000004  cbchrs
ABS 0x00000000  cbstrt
ABS 0x00000008  clcnt
ABS 0x00000000  clfst
ABS 0x00000004  cllst
ABS 0x00000010  delta_CTS
ABS 0x00000004  devcls
ABS 0x00000000  devopn
ABS 0x00000008  devrd
ABS 0x00000010  devspc
ABS 0x0000000c  devwr
ABS 0x00000002  disableReceiver
ABS 0x00000008  disableTransmitter
ABS 0x00000018  dtbusy
ABS 0x00000004  dtdbl
ABS 0x00000000  dtdfl
ABS 0x0000000c  dtqbl
ABS 0x00000008  dtqfl
ABS 0x00000019  dtrtry
ABS 0x00000014  dtsbl
ABS 0x00000010  dtsfl
ABS 0x0000001a  dtspr
ABS 0x00000001  enableReceiver
ABS 0x00000004  enableTransmitter
ABS 0x00000068  enetVectorAdrs
ABS 0x00720002  enet_RegAdrs
ABS 0x00720000  enet_RegData
ABS 0x0000001e  facces
ABS 0x00000004  fbakl
ABS 0x00000014  fdevic
ABS 0x0000001f  fdirlc
ABS 0x00000010  fdnid
ABS 0x00000040  fdnsize
ABS 0x0000004d  ffdats
ABS 0x00000026  ffmap
ABS 0x00000000  ffwdl
ABS 0x0000000c  fhshbl
ABS 0x00000008  fhshfl
ABS 0x0000001d  fmode
ABS 0x0000004d  fmtime
ABS 0x00000016  fnumbr
ABS 0x00000020  fouid
ABS 0x0000001a  frefct
ABS 0x00000022  fsize
ABS 0x00000018  fstat
ABS 0x0000001c  fstatx
ABS 0x00000014  indev
ABS 0x00000010  inhand
ABS 0x00000018  inmask
ABS 0x00000004  inpoll
ABS 0x0000000c  inrbrg
ABS 0x00000017  inspcl
ABS 0x00000000  instat
ABS 0x00000008  intbrg
ABS 0x00000016  intype
ABS 0x00000004  lkadr
ABS 0x00000008  lkcnt
ABS 0x00000000  lkofp
ABS 0x0000000c  lktid
ABS 0x00000000  logadr
ABS 0x00000002  mat_address
ABS 0x00000014  mat_alloc
ABS 0x00000006  mat_link
ABS 0x00000018  mat_max
ABS 0x00000016  mat_min
ABS 0x0000000a  mat_mmap
ABS 0x00000012  mat_size
ABS 0x0000000e  mat_smap
ABS 0x00000000  mat_task
ABS 0x00000000  mdevic
ABS 0x00800000  memhi
ABS 0x00000006  mnodep
ABS 0x00000008  mpcnt
ABS 0x00000002  msir
ABS 0x00000000  ofmode
ABS 0x00000004  ofnodp
ABS 0x0000000a  ofpos2
ABS 0x00000008  ofpost
ABS 0x00000002  ofrfct
ABS 0x00000001  ofstate
ABS 0x00000002  p_cpu_inc
ABS 0x00000008  p_decay
ABS 0x00000000  p_max_cpu
ABS 0x00000006  p_max_quan
ABS 0x00000004  p_quantum
ABS 0x00000032  personality
ABS 0x00000004  phyadr
ABS 0x00000007  rcvBREAK
ABS 0x00000006  rcvFE
ABS 0x00000004  rcvOE
ABS 0x00000005  rcvPE
ABS 0x00000040  resetErrors
ABS 0x00000010  resetMRptr
ABS 0x00000020  resetRecei
ABS 0x00000030  resetTransmitter
ABS 0x00000041  s64k
ABS 0x00000059  scfdn
ABS 0x00000008  scrtim
ABS 0x00000054  sctgbg
ABS 0x00000038  sctgsz
ABS 0x0000003a  sdenf
ABS 0x00000018  sfdnc
ABS 0x0000004f  sfirst_fdn
ABS 0x0000001a  sfname
ABS 0x00000036  sfnumb
ABS 0x000000be  sfree
ABS 0x00000015  sfreec
ABS 0x00000000  simulate_timer
ABS 0x00000004  sintid
ABS 0x00000003  slkfdn
ABS 0x00000002  slkfr
ABS 0x00000001  slowClock
ABS 0x00000057  smount
ABS 0x00000058  snfdn
ABS 0x000000bd  snfree
ABS 0x00000004  sp_free_li
ABS 0x00000000  sp_free_sp
ABS 0x00000008  sp_pointers
ABS 0x00000028  spname
ABS 0x0000003b  ssidf
ABS 0x00000012  ssizfr
ABS 0x0000004d  sspare
ABS 0x0000003c  sswpbg
ABS 0x0000003f  sswpsz
ABS 0x00000010  sszfdn
ABS 0x00000060  startBreak
ABS 0x00000070  stopBreak
ABS 0x00000000  supdt
ABS 0x0000000c  sutime
ABS 0x00000051  svolsiz
ABS 0x00000042  swinc
ABS 0x00000001  swprot
ABS 0x0000000c  taddr
ABS 0x00000018  tbaud
ABS 0x00000019  tbaud2
ABS 0x00000016  tbksp
ABS 0x0000000e  tccona
ABS 0x0000000f  tcconb
ABS 0x00000011  tccond
ABS 0x00000010  tccpu
ABS 0x00000000  tcdeva
ABS 0x0000000c  tcdevn
ABS 0x00000017  tcncl
ABS 0x00000015  tcolm
ABS 0x00000008  tcrbrg
ABS 0x00000004  tctbrg
ABS 0x00000014  tdel
ABS 0x00000013  tdelay
ABS 0x00000010  tdevic
ABS 0x00000012  tflags
ABS 0x00000021  tintvec
ABS 0x00000000  tmlink
ABS 0x00000004  tmparm
ABS 0x00000008  tmrout
ABS 0x0000000e  tmstamp
ABS 0x0000000c  tmtime
ABS 0x0000001e  towner
ABS 0x00000000  tqin
ABS 0x00000008  tqout
ABS 0x00000004  tqproc
ABS 0x00000023  tregs
ABS 0x0000004b  tsact
ABS 0x0000004c  tsage
ABS 0x0000001e  tsalrm
ABS 0x00000020  tscpu
ABS 0x00000026  tsdatp
ABS 0x00000012  tsevnt
ABS 0x00000000  tslink
ABS 0x00000047  tsmode
ABS 0x00000048  tsmode2
ABS 0x0000004a  tsprb
ABS 0x00000049  tsprir
ABS 0x0000003e  tssigmsk
ABS 0x0000002e  tssignal
ABS 0x00000036  tssigsoft
ABS 0x00000022  tssize
ABS 0x00000004  tsslnk
ABS 0x00000046  tsstat
ABS 0x00000028  tsstkp
ABS 0x0000001a  tsswap
ABS 0x0000001a  tstate
ABS 0x0000001b  tstate2
ABS 0x0000001c  tstate3
ABS 0x00000020  tstatus0
ABS 0x00000016  tstext
ABS 0x0000000a  tstid
ABS 0x0000000c  tstidp
ABS 0x0000000e  tstty
ABS 0x00000024  tstxtp
ABS 0x00000008  tsuid
ABS 0x0000002a  tsutop
ABS 0x0000000e  txcnt
ABS 0x00000000  txfpt
ABS 0x00000008  txfwa
ABS 0x00000022  txmitstate
ABS 0x00000004  txptr
ABS 0x0000000c  txsiz
ABS 0x000002fa  ubin_flags
ABS 0x00000882  ubits
ABS 0x000007b6  ublkmap
ABS 0x000007ba  ublkmap_block_count
ABS 0x000007bc  ublkmap_block_list
ABS 0x000007b6  ublkmap_first_block
ABS 0x0000032c  ucname
ABS 0x000005ae  ucontext
ABS 0x00000890  ucpu
ABS 0x00000320  ucrdir
ABS 0x000004ec  udatfwa
ABS 0x0000000a  udchunk
ABS 0x0000088a  udfc
ABS 0x000005a0  udl_fdn
ABS 0x00000516  udname
ABS 0x0000050c  udname_size
ABS 0x0000050e  udname_slot
ABS 0x00000594  udperm
ABS 0x00000013  uerror
ABS 0x0000059c  uexnam
ABS 0x00000597  ufault_ok
ABS 0x00000324  ufdel
ABS 0x00000514  ufdn
ABS 0x00000802  ufile_cont
ABS 0x00000330  ufiles
ABS 0x000005a8  uhltpri
ABS 0x000003c4  uicnt
ABS 0x000007dc  uio_header
ABS 0x000007fe  uio_page
ABS 0x000005a4  uiocnt
ABS 0x00000595  uiosp
ABS 0x00000508  uiotlmt
ABS 0x000003c8  uipos
ABS 0x000003c0  uistrt
ABS 0x00000328  ulstdr
ABS 0x000004fe  umapreg
ABS 0x00000596  umaprw
ABS 0x00000308  umark0
ABS 0x0000030c  umark1
ABS 0x00000310  umark2
ABS 0x000002f6  umdep_chunks
ABS 0x000002a2  umdep_segs
ABS 0x00000014  umem
ABS 0x00000012  umemc
ABS 0x0000050a  umemlmt
ABS 0x000005a6  umxmem
ABS 0x000004e4  unxtbl
ABS 0x00000894  upersonality
ABS 0x000004d8  uprfbf
ABS 0x000004d4  uprfpc
ABS 0x000004e0  uprfsc
ABS 0x000004dc  uprfsz
ABS 0x000002f9  uproc_id
ABS 0x0000088e  uquantum
ABS 0x0000000e  uregs
ABS 0x000007b2  urumpq
ABS 0x000003b0  usarg0
ABS 0x000003b4  usarg1
ABS 0x000003b8  usarg2
ABS 0x000003bc  usarg3
ABS 0x00000898  uschizo
ABS 0x0000000c  uschunk
ABS 0x000007ae  uscratch_p
ABS 0x0000088c  usfc
ABS 0x000003d4  usigs
ABS 0x000004fa  usized
ABS 0x000004fc  usizes
ABS 0x000004f8  usizet
ABS 0x00000886  ustack_bot
ABS 0x00000598  ustart
ABS 0x000004f0  ustkfwa
ABS 0x000004f4  ustklim
ABS 0x00000892  usys_ratio
ABS 0x00000314  utask
ABS 0x000004e2  utask_ord
ABS 0x00000008  utchunk
ABS 0x00000304  utext_blink
ABS 0x00000300  utext_flink
ABS 0x00000506  utimlmt
ABS 0x00000004  utims
ABS 0x000003d0  utimsc
ABS 0x00000000  utimu
ABS 0x000003cc  utimuc
ABS 0x000002fc  utmat
ABS 0x000004e8  utxtfwa
ABS 0x0000031c  uuid
ABS 0x0000031e  uuida
ABS 0x00000318  uvfork
ABS 0x000005aa  uworkspace
ABS 0x00000510  uwrk_size
ABS 0x00000512  uwrk_slot
ABS 0x00000554  uwrkbf
DAT 0x0000257c  ANSI_CMTB
DAT 0x000005f8  BD0close
DAT 0x0000061c  BD0io
DAT 0x000005d4  BD0open
DAT 0x0000043c  BOOTED
DAT 0x00001bd0  BootedFileNameLength
DAT 0x00000417  CLKENB
DAT 0x0000041c  CONFIG
DAT 0x00000474  CPU_personality
DAT 0x0000256c  CRMStateTa
DAT 0x00003db0  ColumnTable
DAT 0x000026ec  ControlCharacterTable
DAT 0x00001bcc  CurrentEmulatedHardware
DAT 0x00000e9c  CurrentRAWtask
DAT 0x00001bc8  CurrentRealHardware
DAT 0x00000488  DISK_personality
DAT 0x00000416  DO_READ_AH
DAT 0x00002774  DeviceStatusReport5Msg
DAT 0x00000ea1  DisplayIntRequest
DAT 0x00000ea2  DisplayIntSignal
DAT 0x00001be4  DisplayState
DAT 0x00003e50  EDATA
DAT 0x00002d5d  FontUnderScoreChar
DAT 0x0000390e  FunctionKeyDefsTable
DAT 0x00000418  HRDENB
DAT 0x0000388e  JoyDiskResetDefs
DAT 0x00003a8e  JoyDiskSetDefs
DAT 0x00003834  KbdCapsLockTable
DAT 0x000037da  KbdControlShiftTable
DAT 0x00003780  KbdControlTable
DAT 0x000036cc  KbdLowerCaseTable
DAT 0x00003726  KbdShiftTa
DAT 0x00003b0e  KeyAppDefsTable
DAT 0x00001ba0  MAX_MAPS
DAT 0x00001b9e  MAX_TASK_S
DAT 0x000010e4  MW_DCT
DAT 0x00003d10  ModeArguementTable
DAT 0x00003d30  ModeJumpTa
DAT 0x00000492  PIPE_personality
DAT 0x00001b59  PTY_BS
DAT 0x00001b5a  PTY_CAN
DAT 0x00002554  ParserStateTable
DAT 0x000027cc  PegFontTbl
DAT 0x0000041a  RAW_STATUS
DAT 0x00001bc2  RebootFlag
DAT 0x00003d70  RowTable
DAT 0x00003cce  SpecialKeyDefsTable
DAT 0x00001bc3  StoppedFlag
DAT 0x00001b58  System_stack_is_mapped
DAT 0x000004b8  System_tasks
DAT 0x000004c0  TTY_dispatch_table
DAT 0x0000047e  TTY_personality
DAT 0x0000277c  TabDefaultInitTable
DAT 0x00000400  UniFLEX
DAT 0x000006a4  VARBLS
DAT 0x00000419  WRITE_DISA
DAT 0x0000276c  WhatAreYou
DAT 0x00003e50  _edata
DAT 0x0000071e  _u
DAT 0x00000838  access_bmt
DAT 0x00000828  actfil
DAT 0x00000808  alloc_CP
DAT 0x0000049c  auto_vec
DAT 0x0000080e  blackhole
DAT 0x000005b4  blktab
DAT 0x000006d4  buffer_compares
DAT 0x000006d0  buffer_lookups
DAT 0x000007dc  buflst
DAT 0x000007fe  cbufct
DAT 0x00000770  cbuffr
DAT 0x0000073c  cfreel
DAT 0x00000ac8  chkMAflg
DAT 0x00000812  chproc
DAT 0x000004c4  chrtab
DAT 0x000006ec  chunk_searches
DAT 0x00002394  comm_cmd_tbl
DAT 0x0000240a  comm_drvr_D
DAT 0x00000714  config
DAT 0x00000ea3  console_key_int_req
DAT 0x00000440  contab
DAT 0x00000e98  context_D
DAT 0x00000702  corcnt
DAT 0x00000816  demnd_lock
DAT 0x00002216  displaySVC_D
DAT 0x0000081b  dstflg
DAT 0x00000640  dt0
DAT 0x00000ea8  duart_IMR
DAT 0x00000822  exectbl
DAT 0x0000065c  fchbuf
DAT 0x000006dc  fdn_compares
DAT 0x000006d8  fdn_lookups
DAT 0x00000784  fdnbsy
DAT 0x0000078c  fdnfre
DAT 0x00000774  fdntab
DAT 0x0000221c  floatSVC_D
DAT 0x00000640  flp_dt
DAT 0x00000e5c  flp_init
DAT 0x00000e3c  flpdrv
DAT 0x000007ae  flpswp
DAT 0x00000e80  flpydrvr_D
DAT 0x00000834  frembmt
DAT 0x00000798  fstsir
DAT 0x0000070c  fwamem
DAT 0x000006f8  gentid
DAT 0x00000ad8  getputu_D
DAT 0x0000076c  hdrtab
DAT 0x00000e88  idle_D
DAT 0x00000820  inargx
DAT 0x00000e8c  intfield_D
DAT 0x00000a88  intflg
DAT 0x00000718  ipldev
DAT 0x00000819  jobpri
DAT 0x00000750  last_map_stolen
DAT 0x0000081a  lbolt
DAT 0x00000800  lcbuf
DAT 0x0000079c  lkbeg
DAT 0x000007a0  lkend
DAT 0x00001be0  machinit_D
DAT 0x00000e90  map_D
DAT 0x0000074c  map_table
DAT 0x00001ba6  mdep_table
DAT 0x00001b82  mem_limits
DAT 0x0000084c  mem_stolen
DAT 0x00000754  memfst
DAT 0x000015ac  memgrow
DAT 0x00000758  memlst
DAT 0x00000814  memmsk
DAT 0x00000821  memory_waiters
DAT 0x00000848  mempages
DAT 0x00000844  memqueue
DAT 0x00000710  memsize
DAT 0x000006b0  mp_page
DAT 0x00000768  mtable
DAT 0x00000794  nodev_hash
DAT 0x00001b80  numtty
DAT 0x00000778  ofiles
DAT 0x00000e94  page_fault_D
DAT 0x000006f0  page_faults
DAT 0x000006e4  pages_copied
DAT 0x000006c0  pages_in
DAT 0x000006c4  pages_out
DAT 0x000006c8  pages_stolen
DAT 0x00000e36  phys_D
DAT 0x000006e8  physical_translations
DAT 0x00000736  pipdev
DAT 0x0000182c  prcbuf
DAT 0x0000238e  printer_D
DAT 0x00000817  rdytci
DAT 0x00000818  rdytgo
DAT 0x00000a7e  real_time_list
DAT 0x0000081c  restim
DAT 0x00000815  romspr
DAT 0x00000858  root_is_di
DAT 0x00000734  rtdev
DAT 0x0000072e  rtdir
DAT 0x00000722  runlst
DAT 0x00000a7c  running_real_time
DAT 0x00000826  sabbsy
DAT 0x00001b38  sabufr
DAT 0x00001b2c  saofbf
DAT 0x0000044a  sbas
DAT 0x00000806  sboff
DAT 0x000006fa  sbttim
DAT 0x00000454  schl
DAT 0x00001b5c  scon
DAT 0x00001b6a  sconbr
DAT 0x00000eaa  screenOutput_buffer_count
DAT 0x00000ea6  screenOutput_buffer_inIndex
DAT 0x00000ea7  screenOutput_buffer_outIndex
DAT 0x00000ea5  screenOutput_transmit_enabled
DAT 0x00000ea4  screenOutput_transmit_int_req
DAT 0x000010de  screen_in_D
DAT 0x00001484  scsi_drvr_D
DAT 0x00000464  sdlt
DAT 0x000006e0  segments_copied
DAT 0x00000456  sfdn
DAT 0x00000446  sfil
DAT 0x00001488  sgnmsg
DAT 0x00000704  shared_page0
DAT 0x00000708  shared_page1
DAT 0x00000aac  sigdump
DAT 0x00000452  siob
DAT 0x0000045e  slok
DAT 0x00000726  slplst
DAT 0x0000045a  smnt
DAT 0x0000046c  smsg_exchanges
DAT 0x0000046e  smsg_messa
DAT 0x00000470  smsg_text_size
DAT 0x00000462  smxj
DAT 0x00000466  smxm
DAT 0x00002228  soundDurat
DAT 0x0000237e  sound_D
DAT 0x00000442  sppd
DAT 0x00000440  srtd
DAT 0x00000468  sswap
DAT 0x00000444  sswd
DAT 0x000006b4  stablk
DAT 0x000006bc  stadsk
DAT 0x000006b8  stafre
DAT 0x000006c4  stancpy
DAT 0x000006c8  stascpy
DAT 0x000006c0  staswp
DAT 0x0000045c  stim
DAT 0x000006f4  stimh
DAT 0x000006f6  stiml
DAT 0x00000460  stlm
DAT 0x00000448  stmz
DAT 0x0000044e  strm
DAT 0x000015a6  strtup_D
DAT 0x00000450  stsk
DAT 0x000006a0  stub_close
DAT 0x000006a0  stub_open
DAT 0x000006a0  stub_read
DAT 0x000006a0  stub_special
DAT 0x000006a0  stub_write
DAT 0x00000465  stup
DAT 0x00000458  stxt
DAT 0x000007b6  swap_compl
DAT 0x00000830  swap_lock_table
DAT 0x00000850  swap_reclaimed
DAT 0x00000854  swap_stats
DAT 0x00000738  swapdv
DAT 0x000006ac  swpbeg
DAT 0x000007ba  swpbuf
DAT 0x000007a4  swpend
DAT 0x00000aee  swpint
DAT 0x000007a8  swpisz
DAT 0x0000073a  swploc
DAT 0x0000192c  swpmap
DAT 0x00000860  swppag
DAT 0x000007aa  swpptr
DAT 0x0000082c  swpsbmt
DAT 0x000006fe  swpsiz
DAT 0x00001b58  sysend
DAT 0x0000075c  syspnt
DAT 0x000015ac  systab
DAT 0x000006cc  system_calls
DAT 0x00000859  system_shutting_down
DAT 0x00000802  systmp
DAT 0x0000071a  sysub
DAT 0x0000071e  sysvar
DAT 0x0000067e  tape_bh
DAT 0x0000254f  tape_drvr_D
DAT 0x00000640  tape_dt
DAT 0x00000e84  task_end_D
DAT 0x00001ba2  task_sizes
DAT 0x00000813  teluch
DAT 0x0000085a  tgtbuf
DAT 0x00000a82  timeout_st
DAT 0x00002384  timer_D
DAT 0x00000764  timtab
DAT 0x00000840  tmat
DAT 0x00000744  tmavl
DAT 0x00000740  tmhead
DAT 0x00000748  tmlst
DAT 0x0000081f  tmtuct
DAT 0x0000081e  tmtupf
DAT 0x000006a8  tskend
DAT 0x000006a4  tsktab
DAT 0x00000780  ttqtab
DAT 0x00000eac  tty_consol
DAT 0x00001b5c  ttycon
DAT 0x0000077c  ttytab
DAT 0x00000760  txttab
DAT 0x00000732  tzone
DAT 0x0000154e  unimd
DAT 0x00001550  unimem
DAT 0x0000154c  unisrn
DAT 0x0000154a  univen
DAT 0x00001548  univer
DAT 0x0000081d  updlck
DAT 0x0000083c  usedmem
DAT 0x0000071e  usrtop
DAT 0x00000a86  varend
DAT 0x00000ad4  vendor_syscall_limit
DAT 0x00000acc  vendor_syscalls
DAT 0x0000156c  version_D
DAT 0x00001ffa  vertint_D
DAT 0x000010f4  win_Disk0
DAT 0x00001104  win_Disk1
DAT 0x00001114  win_Disk2
DAT 0x00001124  win_Disk3
DAT 0x00000640  win_dt
DAT 0x000010f4  win_info
DAT 0x0000118c  win_totalRetry
DAT 0x0000134b  windrvr_D
DAT 0x0000080a  zeropage
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So a sort -n of that list shows a section labelled “VARBLS”.

DAT 0x000006a4  VARBLS
DAT 0x000006a4  tsktab
DAT 0x000006a8  tskend
DAT 0x000006c0  pages_in
DAT 0x000006c4  pages_out
DAT 0x000006c8  pages_stolen
DAT 0x000006cc  system_calls

Seeking to offset tsktab in /dev/pmem and I found an array of structures that are running tasks! (Weirdly the sys/task.h include file struct layout bears no relation to the structure I find in /dev/pmem but the names of fields are similar)

So I wrote some code to walk the array structs in /dev/pmem and in particular, extract the tsmode field which gives a bitflag mode for the task:

#define TCORE 0x01 /* task is in core /
#define TLOCK 0x02 /
task is locked in core /
#define TSYSTM 0x04 /
task is system scheduler /
#define TTRACP 0x08 /
task is being traced /
#define TSWAPO 0x10 /
task is being swapped /
#define TARGX 0x20 /
task is in argument expansion */

A few folks have suggested perhaps something needs to be “done” to the child process (the ‘tracee’) before it execvp to make it trace, so I wrote a little function settrace(pid) that given a pid, goes finds it in the task table and sets it tsmode to TTRACP. No change. :disappointed: Still get a child only reporting signals, not OS traps etc.

Looking at what the current tsmode is before OR-ing my TTRACP, I was surprised to see its already been set to be TTRACP | TCORE So controlled task looks and smells like it is doing all the right things…

Next steps anyone? I’m pretty stumped. I’ve read thru ptrace docs, looked at BSD4.1 and V7 tracing and it doesn’t point to anything obvious.