Anyone have a working Apple 13" RGB display on a Mac?

I’d like to illustrate the thin wire that runs along the back of Trinitron monitors. I recall it being very visible on the Apple 13" Mac color monitor.

Does anyone out there have one of these working and might upload a few images showing the wire to the wiki commons?

(There’s some info on Wikipedia: Aperture grille. And a photo on reddit.)

Yes, but those photos are close ups.

I’d like an image of the whole screen so readers can understand what it really looked like - IE, just visible but not to the point of annoying.

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I think you’d need a very high res photo.

I’m pretty sure I used a big CRT at work with such wires. Could have been a Sun monitor. Maybe Tektronix.

Edit: supportive of the idea of a suitable CC photo. Have you searched Flikr?