Another Pico 6502 / RP2040 + 6502

The new Olimex Neo6502 is interesting, but it’s not the first. There is a chap on YouTube who’s been doing it for some time and gotten quite far down the line with his design…

He has a GitHub repository to support his work and several videos:



I found this a few days ago. I liked how he’s designed it so you can get the partially-assembled board that doesn’t need any further soldering.

It feels to me like it’s been a second revolution: the first is that PCBs are now very cheap and arrive very quickly, compared to say 10 years ago or any earlier time. (So cheap that a four layer board is now much more within reach than previously.) And the second is that a populated and tested board is now economic too: the video says $30 flat fee for assembly, whether of one or two boards. So even if you’re happy soldering surface mount devices, maybe you don’t have to. You can even include BGA devices without fear.

The Picocomputer is a nice project! From the video (episode 11)

What is the recomened power supply?