Another PDP-8 emulators and DECMate II/III ROM dumps and tools

I found some more PDP-8 emulators.
First one running under JAVA. Somehow it didn’t run under my linux (JAVA installed). But the download runs under Windows.
Nice GUI almost like the MAC one with all basic devices. And an included terminal.
It’s a bit hard to use. Someone needs basic knowledge. I think it mainly works with the Hi-Speed reader.
I managed to open and run a test file, I think in RIM. But after restart and reset and opening another file, I still had the previous one.
Maybe the 2nd one was corrupt. I haven’t tried more. I think there’s no RAM window. So not of interest for my task.

Then I found an Emulator for DOS that does have a RAM window. But also hard to use. I think one needs a LST file. My test file didn’t work (other PAL/PALBART version ?). I have a perl tool bin2pal. And then I can get LST files using palbart.

By coincidence I found different dumps of DECMate II and III roms and including perl tools like DECMateII that can convert from the weird DECMate II format I mentioned before. Input has to be 3 ROM files in Motorola SREC format mot (other tool elsewhere bin2mot). I tried some of my ROM files. I think, I’ve found some of my mnemonics and something that looks like a bit-table for my instructions but needs some more research. As some of the 6100 instructions (that are in fact bugs) are unclear it’s still a pain.

svn - Revision 5524: /trunk/pdp8/DECmate/dumps

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