Another mystery, blue devices EAI Electronic Associates?

What is this?

Obviously taken from a brochure.
The lady looking to the left but I can’t see anything there.
And what about the strange man? Maybe from a movie?

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Looks to me like a staged shot with actors, but probably in service of selling the nice machinery. I see the workstations are in pairs, mirror-imaged, but that might be incidental. I think data entry would be my main idea - possibly checks/cheques in a bank, or addresses on posted mail for automated mailsorting.

I don’t know what the overall apparatus is, but the keyboard and printer is a Teletype Model 28 KSR just put in a third-party cabinet. That means that whatever it’s hooked to is using 5-level coding, although what encoding is an open question from this photo. It may be a communications device, and not a computing device.

This (re)packaging is pretty sleek…

… Spectre press and communications centre? :slight_smile:

It should be a 1969 RCA promotional poster.

I found several other sources on pinterest via a Google Image by Image (image source) search.
That was not possible from within pinterest, but somhow I got a link and now tried it from this site.

RCA was my first assumption, that was one of the first similar pale blue devices I found there, but there were many companies having blue. The first uploader also has EAI brochures.

It looks like as if it’s just a part of the poster (fold). The details of the device are still unknown.
Oroginally from tumblr (unwantedimages), probably from this brochure

The main (or other) installation could be this

There are some more photos there. Now one has to sign in for seeing earlier post, but tag 60s work . Maybe RCA ESS 4000

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