An Archimedes in your browser (and an IDE)

Inspired by the success of JSBeeb, Owlet IDE, BBC Micro Games and the BBCMicroBot - all of which emulate Acorn’s 6502-based BBC Micro - Paul Stone has ported Sarah Walker’s Arculator to the web.


Here’s a little BBC Basic ditty:

Archimedes Logo in Archimedes Live IDE

Here’s a desktop.

And here’s a pre-loaded game:
David Braben’s rather difficult Lander in Archimedes Live

Paul presented at the ROUGOL monthly meeting this week - you can see his slide deck here (pdf) all about how and why. And some indications of similar work:
Infinite Mac (“A classic Mac loaded with everything you’d want.”)
vAmiga Online
OSZX Online Amiga Emulator (expired domain…)