AEG Telefunken Telestar - mobile text terminal radio communication 1976

I found some rare devices on ebay and during research I found this interesting series used by German police in cars. Supports encryption and built-in thermal printer. 50-9600 bauds.

English info and photos here
Telestar 120 121 122

I first found this German site with some other photos, including a similar but later devices from Siemens/Bosch with a display built-in in a car.

Originally I found an AEG Telefunken EVN-BS. I still don’t know what that is. 1982 or earlier. A rack with some cards, 3 analog rotational counters, 1 digital counter. Some cards with LEDs, and 4 seven-segment display, vertically aligned, one each. Who can help here? What means AEG-BS (or EVN). Obviously not Betriebssystem. Maybe an early PLC but probably a measuring device, maybe for cars/motors.

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One possible meaning for “BS” as a suffix is “Befestigungsset” (mounting set), which would make sense for a unit to be mounted in a police car. However, I have doubts regarding the term “set” being period correct. (I guess, more likely, it would have been something like “-Einheit”, then.)

Update: It seems, “BS” was used by Telefunken, whenever they upgraded a “B” model. This seems to be related to the use of more advanced tubes/valves. E.g., there are BS models, where they replaced the output tube by a penthode. “BS” also seems to be a product code used by Siemens/Valvo for some vacuum tubes.

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