Acorn's Gluon project

This 1982 profile of Acorn’s Chris Curry mentions Gluon as a forthcoming 32016 (or 16032) product. As we now know, Acorn never shipped a product called Gluon, or a second processor made as a peripheral for other 8 bit micros. And the Unix for Acorn’s machine (Xenix) didn’t arrive either - PANOS was shipped instead. But the ns32k as a second processor for the Beeb was shipped, and the Acorn Cambridge Workstation integrated it (although I think it sold very poorly.)

Here’s PANOS on a second processor:

Here’s an Acorn Cambridge Workstation (inside and out):

Here’s Chris’ Acorns on the ACW.


Advert for the Acorn Cambridge Workstation from New Scientist via 4corn website:

via this thread, which has more info.

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Visiting the New Scientist page, I found a peculiar advert from 1992 for the Acorn Assist financing program: – Can I see there some kind of Apple Picasso theme going on or was this a more common Acorn style?

That advert is very much an outlier, I’d say. There’s an excellent collection of adverts and commentaries at Nosher.

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