Acorn Computer (USA) Software Archive

Via a Facebook post (login required) by The Centre for Computing History, which has this to say:

We’ve had an incredible donation of American software for the BBC Micro, under “Acorn Computers Corporation”. Apparently these were retrieved from a skip at Acorn in Cambridge when they closed down. We’re not sure they ever went to market.

This range of software was retrieved from a skip at Acorn Computers in Cambridge when the company closed down. These software packages were created for the American education market for the Acorn Computers Corporation, 400 Unicorn Park Drive, Woburn, MA 01801.

The software is designed to be run on the Acorn BBC Micro specifically developed for American market. Click here for information on the American BBC Micro Computer.


Good to hear when things thought lost are found. I’ve seen some commentary speculating that the CCH, being an accredited museum, won’t be opening the shrinkwrap to create a digital archive of these titles, which means they are both found and not found. Hopefully that’s not so.

Here’s a snap of the FB post:

I note that flaxcottage’s project to archive every BBC Micro education title recently reached the milestone of 3000 works, catalogued and available online. (There are just two publishers in this space actively defend their copyright, and whose works remain archived but not available.)

You can search this 3000-sized archive here, and download disk images. For example, here’s a JARS program which is probably closely related to the one pictured: