A vintage computing blog covering Commodore history

A new vintage computing blog has cropped up with a series of stories about Commodore in the early days, from such individuals as Leonard Tramiel, Neil Harris, and John Feagan. Some of the stories are new retellings of tales we’ve hard, such as the design of PETSCII, and some are fresh.

The impetus seems to be countering perceived inaccuracies in other tellings of Commodore history, although I do not have enough information to say what is more or less accurate and unbiased, myself.

The flavor of the articles kind of reminds me of Andy Hertzfeld’s folklore.org.


Very nice! I like the idea that they sanitised Bill Gates’ easter egg out of the Basic, which embarrassed and angered him when he tried to show it off.

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I recently had a look at the story “If Looks Could Kill” and found it quite amusing. (Even more interesting than Bill Gate’s reaction was that they retyped the entire ROM listing in order to adapt it to their own assembler.) And I found myself reminded of folklore.org, as well.