A Great Podcast on the Development Computers in the GDR (German)

A nice podcast (3:06 hours of it) on the history of home computers and the development of the computer industry in the GDR (DDR). Sadly, it’s in German and there are currently no English subtitles available.

An online emulator of the KC 85/3 and KC 85/3 series (the more popular Mühlhausen series, as opposed to the KC 85/1 by Robotron) with lots of games is available here:

Somewhat curiously, there’s quite a bias for English in GDR games and software in general (even key legends on the computer keyboard are in English), so there shouldn’t be much of a language barrier. (Eventually, some of the original homebrew games that were published by VEB Mikroelektronik Mühlhausen were purposely translated to German.)

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The French subtitles work for me.

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