68K assembler and simulator for macOS, like Easy68K

More than 1 decade ago, I learnt a bit of 68K assembly programming on computer architecture class. We used Easy68K, which was pretty powerful:

  • Had virtual hardware support (keyboard, monitor, speaker etc), which was useful for making games or visual simulation.
  • Pretty nice debugger

Unfortunately it’s Windows only and most likely isn’t on active development. I already found one: Tricky68K. Would love to see more alternatives.

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Are there any OS’s for the 68000 that are not GUI interfaced?

Not sure about that…

CP/M-68K http://www.s100computers.com/Software%20Folder/CPM68K/CPM68K%20Software.htm

Microsoft’s Xenix for the TRS-80 Model 16 and Tandy 6000 had no GUI.

I don’t think the original Sun workstations had a GUI. They could certainly be used without one even after one became available. SunWindows, was it called?

From aging decrepit memory, Sun had NeWS before moving to X11.

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Before NeWS, there was the un-lamented SunView. The Sun sites I worked in skipped NeWS entirely and went to X11.