ZX81 Raspberry Pi Emulator

Anyone else spot this on ebay?

Had another look, and found out the seller has more emulators people here might like, including Spectrum and Acorn BBC. No, I’m not getting any money for posting it here, I just thought someone might like to know.


Hmm, I wonder if their download-only software package with an emulator and many packaged games is fully licensed? There are at least a couple of potential problems, one being commercial software which ought to be commercially licensed, and the other being open source software which may have a license with specific requirements - like the provision of source code, or the acknowledgement of authorship.

On a more practical level, I wonder which emulators they are using and how well then run. The BBC Micro, for example, is quite demanding to emulate accurately, and a Pi may not have the horsepower.

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Hey, the BBC Micro flavour is twice the price of the others! I wonder why. (It seems likely that MAME is the underlying emulator engine.)


I am always suspicious of places selling old software packs - most of the stuff for the ZX81 is available already elsewhere on the net. Perhaps he is selling you the pleasure of not making the emulator yourself

I can certainly see value in booting quickly straight into a full screen emulation, and in packaging the emulator and software to make installation trivial. I’d very much like a smooth and high quality BBC Micro emulation which can run on a cheap Pi, like the Pi Zero.