Zilog - The Next Frontier - Z800 and Z80000, 1985

A 26-min history roundup and promo from Zilog with lots of feature details of their new offerings

“…because you can’t build a skyscraper atop the foundations of a tract house…”

“no one microprocessor can do everything”


via Vertigo on mastodon:

It still blows my mind that Zilog went through the entire development cycle to design and develop and even productize the Z80000 processor, right up to the point of having test silicon.

But, then they pulled the plug on the project.

It’s almost as if Zilog did this for no other reason than to prove to themselves that they could do it at all.


Found a page on the Z80000 and Z8000 with a clip of a Captain Zilog appearance:

via an obituary piece on Dr Peuto:

via Vertigo again.

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