Z80, 6502, cp/m, rescue


Hi everybody,
Look at this. It appears to be a Multitech rebranded as Latindata. I saw a Multitech MPF-III rebranded as Latindata on Google, like I said.
But this monitor, “Commodore PET or Buck Rogers” like … couldn’t find anything from Multitech. The hardware looks great. I will turn it on as soon as I can. But … there is no boot disk. Does anyone know what type of CP/M should I look for? Help, welcome.


Welcome! I don’t know about how CP/M versions have to differ (given that each machine must have a BIOS) but might it be that a Multitech CP/M disk would work?

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Wow, pretty interesting machine. Z80 + 6502 + graphics.

I love the headphone jack for the keyboard, never seen that before.

You might want to ask on the more dedicated CP/M forums to try and hunt down that software, or, even better, documentation. (How do the graphics work, how do you launch 6502 code, can the two run simultaneously, etc.)


DEC VT100 series terminals use a 1/4" TRS phone plug for the keyboard. It’s a bit of a pain, as they tend to oxidize and become unreliable.

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Yes, a good idea. I’ll ask on the CP/M forums :slight_smile: And the headphones jack… je je je… I thought the same. I suppouse it’ll play a Kraftwerk track if I try. :stuck_out_tongue:

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